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More downstream Y-DNA results - my father's confirmed I2 I-M223 subclade is I-Y20888. This subclade is also Z190+ upstream.

My dad's genetic group descends from an ancient proto-Germanic federation of tribes known during the Roman era as the Suebi (which included the Ingvaeones of the Northern Germanic Federation as well as other Germanic tribes of Greater Germania during the Roman era). The name Seubi (also spelled Seuvi) derives from "Proto-Germanic *swēbaz, either based on the Proto-Germanic root *swē- meaning "one's own" people, or from an earlier Indo-European root *swe-."

"The name of the Suebi also appears in Norse mythology and in early Scandinavian sources. The earliest attestation is the Proto-Norse name Swabaharjaz ("Suebian warrior") on the Rö runestone and in the place name Svogerslev. Sváfa (also spelled Sváva), whose name means "Suebian", was a Valkyrie who appears in the eddic poem Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar. The kingdom Sváfaland also appears in this poem and in the Þiðrekssaga."

"What makes Sváfa's tale unique from her Shieldmaiden counterparts is her experiences of reincarnation," descending into human incarnation from the halls of Valhalla (the abode of Wode consciousness). This interesting tale of genetic ancestral folklore connects well with my own experience of preincarnate continuing awareness and memory of my own incarnation.

Physical archeological evidence for women like the Valkyrie Sváfa (a female Viking Warrior-Heroine and honored military leader) exists in my ancestral land of Birka, Sweden (Sweden's oldest town).