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Paleolithic Old European cave Art Symbols

My paternal Clan Woden ancestral totem rune is Ing, my maternal Clan Ursula ancestral totem birth rune is Hagall.

The rune Hagall appears as an "inside-out" version of the rune Ing.

In the first (top) image above are 32 paleolithic symbols (based on the work of Genevieve von Petzinger) found consistently on walls of caves throughout Europe (including the renowned Chauvet Cave in France) dating to the Old Stone Age. The first symbol (highlighted in the top left red box) clearly corresponds in form to the rune Hagall (as found in the Younger Futhark of Scandinavia). Similarly, the second symbol highlighted in the red box in the third row down corresponds in form to the Anglo-Saxon rune Ing. The rune Ing is found in three forms - a small diamond, a small square, or a small inner diamond with radiant arms and legs. In the cave art symbol corresponding to the rune Ing, the 'inner diamond' is not marked, but left as an 'empty space' - one meaning the rune Ing carries (according to ancestral lore) is that of an 'empty space' (where the transformation into higher states of being may occur). To me, this is solid evidence that these two (at least) paleolithic Old European cave art symbols are ancestral forms of the runes Hagall and Ing.

In note, several of the cave art symbols are clearly runic symbols in form or proto-form.