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Old World Chandler, illustration from the medieval Tacuinum Sanitatis

Master candle making and soap making are in my blood, an artistry and creative tapestry of genetic memory passed on to me through my ancestral stream of consciousness. Particularly, my maternal ancestor Josiah Franklin (my 7th great grandfather and the father of American founding father Benjamin Franklin who is my blood uncle) was a tallow chandler (candle maker) and soap maker by occupation.

Born December 23, 1656 in Ecton, Northamptonshire, England, Josiah Franklin died January 16, 1745 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. My ancestral line to Josiah Franklin:

Cheryl Collins (my mother)
Sydney Oscar Collins (my mother's father, my grandfather)
Agnes Yoda Franklin (Sydney's mother, my great grandmother through Sydney)
Johnathan Freeland Franklin (Agnes' father, my great great grandfather)
Charles D. Franklin (Johnathan's father, my gggreat grandfather)
David Franklin (Charles' father, my ggggreat grandfather)
Jonathan Franklin (David's father, my gggggreat grandfather)
John Franklin (Jonathan's father, my ggggggreat grandfather)
Josiah Franklin (John's [and also Benjamin Franklin's] father, my gggggggreat grandfather)


In addition to the genes we inherit from our ancestors down our ancestral lines through reproductive recombination, we also inherit whole cells from our ancestors as well ...

"The presence of cells (in our own bloodstream and body) from our relatives could change the course of our entire lives, making us all more interconnected than we ever thought possible. Understanding that cells are exchanged commonly between individuals I think blurs the borders between those individuals so that the beginning of one life and the end of another life are a little less clear."

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