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Initiation by the Ancestral Master Witches of one's Folk into Traditional Witchcraft is by way of Ordeal. The Ordeal is not scripted by any human. Self-initiation or any initiation by human intention (by a coven or incarnate Master Witch, for example), does however, alert the Divine Cosmic Folk Spirits (including the weavers of Destiny, the Norns) that one wishes to be initiated by these Spirits into the Mystery Tradition of the Ancestors. Witchcraft is ultimately a Mystery Tradition. The initiation itself is made manifest through an unscripted Ordeal (which may last years or even a lifetime) set into motion by the Cosmos, whether requested by the initiate (through self-initiation or initiation by coven or Master Witch) or whether chosen (not requested by the initiate) by the Ancestral Spirits of one's Folk. A true initiatory Ordeal radically transforms you.

"Like all spiritual experiences, ordeals are unpredictable things. Sometimes they occur spontaneously. There have been numerous times, in my own life and in the lives of those around me, when a candidate has been approaching initiation and all of a sudden Things Start Happening. Difficult things. Unpleasant things. Challenging things. Beware the tendency to label life’s random unpleasantness or the consequences of your bad decisions as ordeals. An ordeal isn’t just anything hard and stressful. It isn’t just anything that teaches you something, even something valuable. An ordeal is something that’s hard and stressful for the purpose of testing and transformation." [quote source - Ordeals of Initiation]