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Based on five independent personality traits (Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Orderliness, Accommodation and Intellect), the Global 5-SLOAN Multidimensional Personality Typing System is the most current model of psychological typing used by the scientific community.

My results: RCOEI - primary type (Inquisitive)

Pretty much spot-on: I am definitely reclusive, I like order (can't claim life always cooperates with this preference), calm mostly but I have a few triggers (as do we all), can be selfish and stubborn, definitely very curious.

The Inquisitive Type: "More interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, detaches to analyze factors from multiple perspectives, regularly uses ideas and tools to transform understanding, enjoys playing with random interconnections between ideas and patterns, would describe self as a nerd in high school, likes science fiction, introspective, good at fixing things, more comfortable around adults as a child, feels both special and defective, knows the darkside of life well, is not bothered by going long periods without speaking with people, more intellectual than sensual, can be bitter, problem solver, relies on mind more than on others, driven by curiosity, feels best when working, minimalist."

My Specific Test Results: