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The Alchemist's Work

The classic archetype of the eccentric 'mad scientist' at work in my witch's sacred laboratory making magic, wicked witcheries and marvelously empowered mischief - that's me, an INTJ personality type. Many old world alchemists (scientists of the medieval world) are similarly of the INTJ personality type. Indeed, the art of medieval alchemy birthed the modern science of chemistry (encompassing its many branches of scientific inquiry). I myself am also a trained scientist with a degree in Biochemistry, having graduated from a top-notch university with a major in advanced curriculum research-based biochemistry, and have conducted both academic and applied biological research. Witches who are of the INTJ personality type take our alchemy very seriously.

American psychologist David Keirsey, developer of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, calls the INTJ personality type 'the Mastermind'. Other names given to the INTJ personality type by other psychological systems are 'the Scientist', 'the Architech', 'the Free Thinker', 'the Rationalist', 'the Conceptualizer' and 'the Director'.

Systems Thinker details some the strengths of the INTJ personality type, including:

"INTJ is one of the rarest of the 16 types – some say the rarest - estimated to make up only around 1% of the population. INTJ’s are driven to intensely analyze and penetratingly question many or all aspects of the world around them. INTJ's are constantly evolving models and systems of knowledge. INTJ’s greatly trust their insights, have a committment to Vision and work to see their Vision become reality. In addition to their strong desire to make their ideas come to life, INTJ’s possess many of the skills needed to do so. INTJ’s are very self-motivated and are drawn to working autonomously. INTJ's have a discriminating irreverence, driving their innovative spirit as they continually challenge entrenched habits enforced by those currently in power and seek better ways of doing things. The INTJ’s epistemology demands a strong basis in evidence for their beliefs. With their rare way of thinking, innovative talents, and proclivity for seeing situations in a way that others can’t, INTJ’s can be very successful at solving problems. With their imaginations unconstrained by tradition or social norms, the freethinking INTJ is willing and able to imagine possibilities that others might never consider. Just as they maintain a high standard for truth, the INTJ also maintains a high standard for their own performance. Their self-motivation stems from the fact that they put a great deal of pressure on themselves to live up to that standard. As a result, they can usually be counted on to consistently produce very high quality work. INTJ’s have a strong drive to optimize the systems with which they come into contact. Many INTJ’s possess a biting, wry wit that others may view as quirky and quite funny."

So, this is a small snapshot of an INTJ personality - the personality of this witch, an inspired alchemist, devoted to superior quality master craftsmanship and innovative witchcrafting.

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