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The legendary Excalibur (also known as Caliburn and Caledfwlch) is the magical sword of King Arthur associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain. The same weapon as the Sword in the Stone, Excalibur demonstrates proof of Arthur's lineage and Folk Soul birthright. With sovereignty comes the power to share powerful positive evolutionary hamingja with the Folk.

Lyonesse is a beautiful woman in the legends of ancient Britains, Irish and Scots (all three groups among my own personal genetic ancestors). The mythic story of the Lady Lioness from the Land of Lyonesse is tightly connected to King Arthur's court and to the Knights of the Round Table. Indeed, the Lady of Lyonesse holds a significant role in the Arthurian tales as shared by Thomas Mallory.

Said to once border Cornwall in England, the Land of Lyonesse was the site of the epic final battle between King Arthur and Mordred. It sank into the sea in ancient times some time following this battle, thus it is thought to be the final resting place of King Arthur. Lord Tennyson in his Arthurian epic “Idylls of the King" places Arthur as roaming the realms of Lyonesse even long before he became crowned King. Arthur is deeply connected to Lyonesse.

The Lady Lioness in old world Celtic legend, like the Lioness Lady of Germany's Hohlenstein Stadel in Old European culture (linked to Freyja's köttum), are both Ladies of the Clan of the Cave Lioness, and both are linked to the survival of Folk Memory, shamanic consciousness, and metaphysical downloading of evolving levels of soul-mind-human consciousness into the physical hardware of the body. The sinking of Lyonesse, and with it King Arthur, beneath the waves of the sea (that is, the waves of human consciousness) pertains to a transition from Fifth Wave awareness into Sixth Wave awareness (in meaningful parallel with the timeline as shared in the Mayan mysteries), from a fifth wave "round shamanic unity with all Nature" form of consciousness to a more sixth wave "angular geometric rational scientific" kind of consciousness. Thus, as King Arthur represents a highly unified awareness of Folk Soul and Folk Memory, so too does Lady Lioness. Given my own experience with downloading folk soul consciousness, I posit that Lady Lioness is rising again from the sea of consciousness, through the Folk and through me. A new dawn of Folk Soul awareness (synergistic with and complimentary to the rational mind) is beginning to emerge with a "mindful hybrid vigor" from our Old European Celtic-Germanic Folk.

Taking this all together, we can now understand that the Ladies of the Clan of Cave Lioness (found among both Celtic and Germanic tribes) represent a totemic United Folk Soul birthright that extends into remote prehistoric times. The Ladies of the Clan of the Cave Lioness highlight the shared ethnic origin of ancient cultures emerging together from an Old European Folkish Consciousness.