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According to FTDNA autosomal genetic ethnicity testing, I am 80% descended from the people of the British Isles, including from those whose cultures are native to the Isles. My U5b1 genetic motherline has specifically been found in samples of ancient DNA from the people of the old world Atlantic Megalithic Culture (7000 to 4000 ybp) - the culture which existed on the islands in ancient times and is thought to have built Stonehenge, Newgrange and other megalithic sites of the sacred landscape. My ancestral U5b1 genetic motherline has lived in the British Isles from times long before the Anglo-Saxon, Roman and Viking migrations.

So, there is good reason to suspect that, while my father's genetic fatherline is most likely of Anglo-Saxon-Norman-Viking ethnicity, my ancestral genetic motherline may well be ethnically old world British Isles, indigenous to the Atlantic Megalithic Culture of the Atlantic Northwestern European British Isles (and may have lived there since the end of the last Ice Age).