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Witchcraft Rooted in the Tradition of Old Europe

A registered professional nurse and biochemist by former profession, I am an artisan master chandler, alchemist and old ways witch by birth and practice. From indigenous Old World European genetic ancestry, I practice Witchcraft rooted in the Folk Traditions of my ancestors.

A seasoned natural witch and practitioner of the traditional spiritual arts for over two decades, born with epigenetic awareness and memory of my intercarnate and preincarnate journey into physical existence, classically called and initiated by the Ancestral Folksoul Master Witches of my People, I am an evolving Scientific Traditional Witch walking a crooked secular heathen path. From indigenous Old World European ancestry, I practice ancestral traditional Old World European Witchcraft.

I am secular (atheistic) in the sense that I do not believe in the "supernatural" and believe that the Cosmos is wholly complete within Itself and that Nature is a Mystery deep enough to encompass all phenomena we may experience and have yet to experience. I am pantheistic in the sense that to me the Cosmos is itself fully and naturally divine, that all that exists partakes of the Divine Cosmos. This is a profoundly beautiful reality to me. I am polytheistic in the sense that the ancestral gods and goddess are archetypes of consciousness from which we as beings of complex experiential consciousness descend (and from which we are experientially composed), and monotheistic in the sense that all Divine Nature is ultimately inseparable (into disconnected parts) in essence.

My scientific and healthcare professional work experience include Critical Care Registered Professional Nursing, Clinical Trials Data Management, Quality Improvement Management, Medicare and Medicaid Clinical Reimbursement Specialist, Academic Research Biochemist and Pharmaceuatical Research Biochemist. I was awarded monetary recognition for my development of novel flow cytometric cell adhesion-activation assay while employed as a pharmaceutical researcher.

My studies and practice focus on traditional herbalism, artisan craftwork, magical meditation upon sacred texts and folklore, and using ancestral alphabets to channel creative consciousness.

Ancestor work is a large part of my personal spiritual practice as a Witch. My primary genetic ancestral roots are North & West European (with my deep genetic ancestral root localizing to Sweden and Atlantic North Sea areas). Ethnically, I am predominantly of Pre-Celtic, Basque, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic autosomal genetic ancestry (around 91%). I also have East European (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland) autosomal genetic ancestry (around 9%).

Born with epigenetic awareness and classically initiated by the Ancestors, both my ancestral genetic motherline and fatherline are part of the ancient populations archeologist Marija Gimbutas called "Old Europe", with my old world genetic roots reaching deeply into the ancient mysteries of Europe's enchanted Black Forest, the magical Danube River Valley Civilization, the old ways of the animistic Native European Shamans (as immortalized in ancient graphically symbolic cave art paintings), and prehistoric Paleolithic Europe. Both my ancestral genetic motherline and fatherline are Cro-Magnon lineages.

A daughter of Clan Ursula (also known as Clan Europa), my ancestral genetic U5b1b1-T16192C! motherline is a founding maternal lineage of Old World Europe, the Atlantic North Sea regions of Europe and Arctic Fennoscandia. Myself being 80% ethnically of the British Isles by autosomal genetic anaylsis, my own U5b1 genetic motherline has specifically been found in samples of ancient DNA from the people of the old world Atlantic Megalithic Culture (7000 to 4000 ybp) - the culture which existed on the islands in ancient times and is thought to have built Stonehenge, Newgrange, Castlerigg Stone Circle and other megalithic sites of the sacred landscape. U5b is also a maternal lineage concentrated among the Basque people (who have significantly genetically contributed to my Scottish heritage as well). The U5 ancestral clade is the oldest extant indigenous European motherline among modern humans and the dominant maternal lineage among Paleolithic and Mesolithic European hunter-gatherers.

A daughter of Clan Woden (the only pre-Neolithic Y-lineage left in Europe), my paternal ancestral I2 (I-M223, on subbranch I-Z166, subbranch I-S20905, subbranch I-Y20888) genetic fatherline is also indigenous to Europe (arising in Ice Age Doggerland which became submerged under the North Sea) and is a Old Danubian (Romanian region), Northern-Northwestern Germanic Anglo-Saxon-Frisian-Jute-Danish-Norman, Southern Sweden Old World European fatherline. My father's genetic group descends from an ancient proto-Germanic federation of tribes known during the Roman era as the Suebi (which included the Ingvaeones of the Northern Germanic Federation as well as other Germanic tribes of Greater Germania during the Roman era). The Suebi (also spelled Seuvi) are attested in Proto-Norse and early Scandinavian sources. The earliest attestation is the Proto-Norse name Swabaharjaz ("Suebian warrior") on the Rö runestone. In the eddic poem Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar, the Valkyrie Sváfa (also spelled Sváva), whose name means "Suebian", is unique from other Shieldmaidens in that she experiences reincarnation," descending into human incarnation from the halls of Valhalla (the abode of Wode consciousness). This interesting tale of genetic ancestral folklore connects well with my own experience of preincarnate continuing awareness and memory of my own incarnation. Physical archeological evidence for women like the Valkyrie Sváfa (a female Viking Warrior-Heroine and honored military leader) exists in my ancestral land of Birka, Sweden.

A daughter of the Clan of the Cave Bear, this powerful prehistoric creature is a Clan Totem Spirit of my Neanderthal and early Old World European Pleistocene early Cro-Magnon Western Atlantic, Southwestern and Eastern European genetic ancestors, especially those from what is now Austria, Romania, Britain, Germany, France and the Russian Steppes. Cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) remains have been found in abundance in the area of the Franco-Cantabrian Ice Age refugia (a known ice age refuge for my North Atlantic Megalithic Culture ancestors, an area renowned for its ice age cave art), but no cave bear remains have to date been found in Scandinavia, Scotland or the Baltic countries. The Cave Bear was a clan totem of my Old European Neanderthal and Archaic Cro-Magnon ancestors during the late Pliocene to middle Pleistocene epochs.

A daughter of the Clan of the Direwolf, this old world prehistoric wolf species was especially found around the Circum-Arctic areas of Northern Scandinavia (where a large concentration of my indigenous maternal U5b1b1 genetic motherline still exists today). Direwolf (Canis dirus) is a Clan Totem Spirit of my Old World European Pleistocene early Cro-Magnon Arctic Scandinavian maternal line genetic ancestors. The Direwolf is one my own shamanic spirit guides and a clan totem of my Old European genetic motherline during the early to middle Pleistocene epoch.

A daughter of the Clan of the Cave Lioness (the Lion Lady), the Old European cave lioness (Panthera leo spelaea) of prehistoric Europe is my ancestral clan totem and also one of my own shamanic spirit guides. The largest of the wild cats ever known to walk the earth, revered by prehistoric Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal humankinds, images of the great wild huntress, the European cave lioness, adorn the walls of the renowned Chauvet Cave in France. During the Pleistocene, cave lions were among the most abundant and feared predators of prehistoric Europe. The great lioness hunts expertly for her pride, making her the epitome of "the wild huntress" archetype (similarly to Abnoba of Europe's enchanted Black Forest). Felines are the most proficient and successful hunters of the animal kingdom, boldly embodying fearlessness, the power of silence and patience, warrior stealth, courage, ferocity, focus, nobility, leadership, skill and dominion. As am I, solar symbol cats are themselves nocturnal, cloaked in and moving with the lunar energy of the night moon - unifying within ourselves both the masculine and feminine mysteries into a complete wholeness of spirit. Cave lioness was a clan totem of my genetic motherline and fatherline during the middle to late Pleistocene epoch.

A daughter of the Clan of the Phantom Queen (also called the Great Goddess, The Morrígu, Morrigan, Morgen Le Fey, Anu, Anand and Fótla), the Phantom Queen has four shamanic forms - the Human Female, the Raven, the Spiral Snake and the Owl. The Morrígu, the shape-shifting divine-human-animal Great Mother of Witches is the clan totem of my old world European Atlantic Megalithic Culture (7000-4000 ybp) ancestors of my U5b1 genetic motherline. Megalithic monuments (including Stonehenge and Newgrange) and signature artifacts of the old world Atlantic Megalithic Culture are rarely found in mainland Europe but are concentrated along the Atlantic seaboard in what is now Britain, Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and ancient Ice Age Doggerland (also called the North Sea Atlantis, land now submerged under the North Sea). Fótla (Ath-Fotla) was the name of one of the first Pictish Kingdoms. Picts (whose name means 'painted people') are thought to be descendants of the Calendonii (a group of related tribes indigenous to Iron Age Scotland). In Druidic Folk Tradition, during Samhain, the lunar lady Phantom Queen comes together with Dagda, an ancestral Druid chieftain and horned lord whose name is derived from Proto-Indo-European *Dhagho-deiwos "shining divinity", the first element being cognate with the English word "day" (as is the rune Dagaz, to which I dedicated one of my original rune poems describing an experience of my own nascent incarnating consciousness). The Phantom Queen (in all of her forms, including the Female Divinely Conscious Human, Raven, Spiral Snake and Owl forms) is the clan totem of my Old European genetic motherline during the late Pleistocene up through the present time.

A daughter of the Clan of the Horned Goddess, the most mysterious phantom queen (more recognized in modern times as The Morrigan) of my maternal U5b1b1 ancestral bloodline is known as 'Elen of the Ways' in ancestral folklore (such as among the Welsh tales of the Mabinogion). Various etymological meanings of the name Elen include 'bravery', 'courage', 'strength', 'power', 'fortitude',  'valor', 'deer', 'to live', 'mother of life' and 'bright shining star'. Rooted in old world northern and western paleolithic Europe, namely in paleolithic Britain, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Doggerland and Scandinavia, the Horned Goddess of my ancestral genetic motherline is the Great Guiding Ancestral Mother to my own U5b1b1 genetic bloodline subbranch (U5b1b1 concentrates heavily in modern times in northern arctic Scandinavia, home still today to reindeer herding tribes like the Saami, for example). In paleolithic times, reindeer were abundant in Britain, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Doggerland, as well as in Scandinavia. The only female deer to grow antlers are reindeer (Rangifer tarandus, which includes both the domestic and wild subspecies). The shamanic Horned Goddess of my ancient ancestral mothers was very important for successfully following the sustenance-providing reindeer herds during the winter seasons, as male reindeer shed their antlers during late Autumn, while female reindeer keep their antlers until late spring - thus, winter would be a special time for the guiding expression of female power and leadership, especially shamanic leadership and guidance of tribal migrations (pathways). Tracking skills and associated astronomical navigation abilities gave the Horned Goddess the title of the Star Goddess as well. The Horned Goddess is a clan totem of my Old European maternal ancestral U5b1b1-T16192C! genetic motherline line during the middle Pleistocene up through the present time.

A daughter of the Clan of the Star Goddess, ancestral horned reindeer goddess Elen of the Ways has been known for eons of time by archaic humankinds (certainly at least, the Neanderthals) and many Homo sapien peoples native to the Boreal Forest Biome (also known as the the Snow Forest, which includes Ice Age British Isles, Isles of the Atlantic North Sea areas, Doggerland, Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and some portions of other extreme northerly places including in the United States), an area which stretches over the world legendarily called the lands "beyond the North Wind." She was also known in ancient Anatolia, in such places as Alaca Höyük and Göbekli Tepe. The Star Goddess over eons of time, including in modern times, has been particularly associated with the Milky Way. According to Native American legend, when Star Children born to Native American women with Star Ancestors are around age 5 to age 9, the Star Ancestors would come and take the child when the child exhibited certain signs. Also according to Native American legend, some of those taken children remain with the Star Ancestors, while others are returned to the tribe. There are many legends among many Native American tribes about "Star Children." I've written about the time when my core consciousness left my physical body and traveled the Cosmos when I was about 5 or 6. I was returned to my body at the conclusion of the journey. Two poems I wrote about 3 decades ago describe this experience (see my website pages, "Suddenly" and "Epiphany". There are many types of Star Children who exhibit various differing characteristics and abilities. The Star Child phenomenon in my experience is the conscious connection to, experience of, and remembrance of consciousness transcendent of actualized physicality. Star Children are those able to remember their origin of consciousness integral to the very essence of the Cosmos even while incarnate while most other people forget a short time following birth. There are legends of these kinds throughout many traditions of the world - I am not alone in my experience of this kind of consciousness - in modern times or in ages past. Integral to the consciousness of the Cosmos, the Star Goddess is a clan totem of my genetic ancestors, including my motherline and paternal fatherline, forever.

A daughter of the Clan of Urheimat Hyperborea, my ancient indigenous European hunter-gatherer genetic ancestors (of both my ancestral U5b1b1 Caledonii-Pictish-Northern Scandinavian motherline and I2 Ice Age Doggerland-Scandinavian paternal fatherline) origins trace to the ancient Boreal Forest Biome of the planet, also known as the Snow Forest in the "Lands Beyond the North Wind").  This great northerly biome, an area which extends over the extreme northern areas of Europe (including Scandinavia, Ice Age Doggerland, the Ice Age British Isles, the Pine Forests of Caledonia, Northern Russia (including Siberia) and North America (including Canada, Alaska and a few other extreme northern parts of the United States) is the land in which the common ancestor to the genetic descendants of indigenous native hunter-gatherer Northern Europeans and Native Americans lived. Our common ancestral homeland is known as Urheimat Hyperborea (meaning 'original homeland Hyperborea').

A daughter of the Clan of Asgard, the common Boreal Forest Biome (also known as the Snow Forest and the Taimyr) origin of both indigenous old world hunter-gatherer Europeans and Native Americans is supported by scientific data demonstrating a central to northern Siberian origin of both populations. According to genetic genealogists, the Yeniseian-Ostyak 'First People' Homo sapien culture was settled in Siberia by at least 45,000 BCE (so, coming in around 50,000 ybp) and spread out east and west to populate Europe and the Americas. The Yeniseian languages (sometimes known as Yeniseic or Yenisei-Ostyak; occasionally spelled with -ss-) are a family of languages that were spoken in the Yenisei River region of central Siberia. The Taimyr reindeer herd, a migrating tundra reindeer (Rangifer tarandus sibiricus), the largest reindeer herd in the world, migrated to winter grazing ranges along the Yenisei River. Asgard also finds its origin in the Yenesei-Ostyak River Basin. Yenesei means "mother river" in Russian. Ostyak is a Russian word, from Ostyak āsyakh, plural of āskho, person from the Ob River, from Ās, the Ob River. Old Norse Asgard is derived from Old Norse āss. We can contemplate then that Ās(s) is part of the "mother (river)" world of divine consciousness known among descendants of Northern Europe as Asgard, from Old Norse Ásgarðr (meaning 'Garden of the Divinities'). The 'Garden of the Divinities' finds its deeper ancestral roots as archaic Homo sapiens in the Yenesei-Ostyak River Basin of the Boreal Forest Biome.

A daughter of the Clan of the Shining One, my old world European paternal ancestral I2 (I-M223, subbranch I-Z166, subbranch I-S20905, subbranch I-Y20888) genetic fatherline is a lineage originating in the North Sea areas of Jutland and the German Bight, with ancient extension into southern Sweden and Fennoscandia (by DNA analysis and population genetics). The German Bight contains the Frisian and Danish Islands. The area also includes Doggerland before it became submerged under the North Sea. Both post Ice-Age Celtic (particularly the Tuatha De Danann) and Germanic (particularly the Yngvi-Ingvi-Freyr tribes, namely the Ingvaeones of Clan Woden) peoples emerged from a source core Danubian population of Old World Europe. Both the ancestral horned lords Celtic Lugh (of my Calendonii Pictish tribal ancestral genetic motherline) and Germanic Ygnvi-Ingvi-Freyr (of my Ingvaeones tribal paternal ancestral genetic fatherline) are gods of radiating sunshine (a symbol of evolved consciousness) - in other words, are 'shining ones'. Thus, even as the Phantom Queen of my ancestral mothers carries, protects and expresses the sacred secret of the radiant rune Dagaz, I received a triple dose of radiantly shining evolutionary consciousness as an authentic tribal spiritual inheritance through both my ancestral genetic mothers and fathers. The Shining One is a clan totem of my Old European paternal ancestral genetic fatherline line during the late Pleistocene up through the present time.

A daughter of Clan of the Sable Gryphon (Lion-Eagle-Dragon creature of ancestral folklore), my father's distinguished surname Taylor came to England in the wake of the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Anglo-Norman Taylor Clan is first found in Somerset and Kent following the Battle of Hastings when granted land by King William. The Anglo-Normans were the medieval ruling class in England composed of ethnic Anglo-Saxons and Normans. The Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Normans are of the same basic Old Northern Germanic Scandinavian genetic stock. The Normans were the people who, in the 10th and 11th centuries, gave their name to Normandy, a region in France. They were descended from Norse Vikings from Denmark, Iceland and Norway. The Viking Rollo was the first Norman. I am a clan descendant of Rollo the Viking, Rollo is generally identified with one Viking in particular – a man of high social status mentioned in Icelandic sagas, which refer to him by the Old Norse name Göngu-Hrólfr, meaning "Hrólfr the Walker". Members of Clan Rollo are also found in Scotland after 1114 and in Ireland as well. Rollo is the great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror, or William I of England. Through William, he is one of the ancestors of the present-day British royal family, as well as an ancestor of all current European monarchs and a great many claimants to abolished European thrones. The Sable Gryphon is clan totem of my paternal genetic fatherline during the Middle Ages of Europe up through the present time.

A daughter of the Clan of the Golden Gryphon, like my father's Taylor line, my maternal grandfather's British Collins line is also Anglo-Norman English. The surname Collins was introduced into England by the Normans after the 1066 Invasion as was my father's surname. The surname Collins refers to "the Victorious People." The Golden Gryphon is a clan totem of my maternal genetic fatherline during the Middle Ages of Europe up through the present time.

A daughter of Clan of House Dracul, the Old European lineage associated with the legendary Dracula, Prince Vlad Dracul, warrior hero of the Romanian people, was genetically descended from the male lineage dynasty of Basarab. From this dynastic lineage arose the first rulers of independent Wallachia in present day Romania. (In scientific genetic studies) it has been proven that most of Basarab-surnamed individuals in Romania belong to (Y-DNA lineages) E-V13, I-P37.2 and J-M241, all of which are native Romanian lineages. The I-37.2 lineage is an upstream grouping of my own father's I2 genetic haplogroup. The lineage of House Dracul is a very old lineage that directly connects to the Native Old European I2 lineage from which my own father descends, the oldest male lineage indigenous to Europe. This is where my Romanian ancestry comes from - Old European Romania. To be clear, the Romanians (native Romanians native to Europe) and the Romany (an ethnic group native to North India, specifically to the area known today as Punjab) are not the same people. My Romanian ancestry pertains to the presence of some members of my indigenous European I2 and U5 genetic fatherline and motherline, respectively, being two of the founding ethnic genetic lineages found in Native European Romania. I2 and U5 are not lineages native among the Romany people.

A daughter of the the Clan of Sinhala (Heartblood of Lions), this trace (about 0.4%) South Asian component of my ancestry derives from the Dutch and British colonists of Ceylon on the island of Sri Lanka. The Ceylon colonists linking to my ancestral genetic populations were of Burgher, Sinhalese, Portuguese-Jewish, German, British, Danish, Swedish and Austrian descent. The South Asian native population of this group was Sinhalese. The Sinhalese are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group native to the island of Sri Lanka, led there by Prince Vijaya in 543 BCE. Prince Vijaya is known in the Jataka Tales and depicted in the Ajanta Cave Paintings as Sinhala. Theravada Buddhists, this branch of Buddhism as practiced by the Sinhalese promotes the concept of Vibhajjavāda ("teaching of analysis"), a concept which embodies the idea that insight and Nirvana are attained through the way of analyzing of one's own experience. The Indo-Aryan Sinhalese were originally from the Buddhist regions of the eastern portion of the Indian subcontinent, near what is today called Bengal, and it was through missionaries from the Pala Kingdom in this area of Bengal that Buddhism was successful in becoming established in Tibet.

Both my maternal and paternal families have American roots deep in Kentucky - my paternal family hails from the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian mountains where old ancestral ways still flourish among the mountain folk.

By genetic analysis, I am 1.9% Neanderthal and 2.3% Denisovan (archaic human species coexisting with Homo sapiens sapiens in ancient Europe and Asia for at least 10,000 years).

Of scientifically proven authentic Old World European genetic ancestry, my spiritual essence and artisan heritage flow from an esteemed bloodline of Old English chandlers (which includes Josiah Franklin, the father of American founding father, Grand Master Mason Benjamin Franklin).

As a Witch, this ancestral knowledge provides me with a powerful conscious link to my Mighty Ancestors (the Master Witches of my People) and the Sacred Powers of Ancestral Tradition.

May you who choose to purchase from Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy® be blessed by all your Ancestors, by the spirits of the Land upon which you live, and by the collective Folksoul(s) of the Lands from which your unique soul derives.

Dare to be true to yourself.

Welcome to my world of extraordinary magic.

Lori Lappin, the Witch
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