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© Lori Lappin, the Witch of WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®


Witchcraft Rooted in the Tradition of Old Europe

A registered professional nurse and biochemist by education, I am an artisan master chandler, alchemist and old ways witch by birth and practice. From indigenous Old World European genetic ancestry, I practice Witchcraft rooted in the Folk Traditions of my ancestors.

A seasoned natural witch and practitioner of the traditional spiritual arts for over two decades, born with epigenetic awareness and memory of my intercarnate and preincarnate journey into physical existence, classically called and initiated by the Ancestral Folksoul, the Ancestors and the Master Witches of my People, I am an evolving Scientific Traditional Witch walking a crooked secular heathen path. From indigenous Old World European ancestry, I practice ancestral traditional Old World European Celtic-Germanic Witchcraft touched with Appalachian, Jewish and Slavic folk magic.

I am secular (atheistic) in the sense that I do not believe in the "supernatural" and believe that the Cosmos is wholly complete within Itself and that Nature is a Mystery deep enough to encompass all phenomena we may experience and have yet to experience. I am pantheistic in the sense that to me the Cosmos is itself fully and naturally divine, that all that exists partakes of the Divine Cosmos. This is a profoundly beautiful reality to me. I am polytheistic in the sense that the ancestral gods and goddess are archetypes of consciousness from which we as beings of complex experiential consciousness descend (and from which we are experientially composed), and monotheistic in the sense that all Divine Nature is ultimately inseparable (into disconnected parts) in essence.

My studies and practice focus on traditional herbalism, artisan craftwork, magical meditation upon sacred texts and folklore, and using ancestral alphabets to channel creative consciousness.

Ancestor work is a large part of my personal spiritual practice as a Witch. My primary genetic ancestral roots are Celtic-Germanic Northern & Northwestern European (with my primary deep genetic ancestral root localizing to Sweden). By both DNA analysis and oral family tradition, my ancestors hail from Austria, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary (including Budapest Jewry), Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine and Wales. My most recent ethnic roots are English, Irish and German.

Born with epigenetic awareness and classically initiated by the Ancestors, both my ancestral genetic motherline and fatherline are part of the ancient populations archeologist Marija Gimbutas called "Old Europe", with my old world genetic roots reaching deeply into the ancient mysteries of Europe's enchanted Black Forest, the magical Danube River Valley Civilization, the old ways of the animistic Native European Shamans (as immortalized in ancient graphically symbolic cave art paintings), and prehistoric Paleolithic Europe. Both my ancestral genetic motherline and fatherline are Cro-Magnon lineages.

A daughter of Clan Ursula (also known as Clan Europa), my ancestral genetic U5b1b1-T16192C! motherline is a founding maternal lineage of Old World Europe and Arctic Fennoscandia. Myself being 80% ethnically of the British Isles by autosomal genetic anaylsis, my own U5b1 genetic motherline has specifically been found in samples of ancient DNA from the people of the old world Atlantic Megalithic Culture (7000 to 4000 ybp) - the culture which existed on the islands in ancient times and is thought to have built Stonehenge, Newgrange and other megalithic sites of the sacred landscape. The U5 ancestral clade is the oldest extant indigenous European motherline among modern humans and the dominant maternal lineage among Paleolithic and Mesolithic European hunter-gatherers.

A daughter of Clan Woden (the only pre-Neolithic Y-lineage left in Europe), my paternal ancestral I2 (I-M223, on subbranch I-Z166) genetic fatherline is also indigenous to Europe (arising in Ice Age Doggerland which became submerged under the North Sea) and is a Northern-Northwestern Germanic Anglo-Saxon-Frisian-Jute-Danish, Southern Sweden Old World European fatherline.

A daughter of the Clan of the Cave Lioness (the Lion Lady), the Old European cave lioness (Panthera leo spelaea) of prehistoric Europe is my ancestral clan totem and my own shamanic journey guide. The largest of the wild cats ever known to walk the earth, revered by prehistoric Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal humankinds, images of the great wild huntress, the European cave lioness, adorn the walls of the renowned Chauvet Cave in France. During the Pleistocene, cave lions were among the most abundant and feared predators of prehistoric Europe. The great lioness hunts expertly for her pride, making her the epitome of "the wild huntress" archetype (similarly to Abnoba of Europe's enchanted Black Forest). Felines are the most proficient and successful hunters of the animal kingdom, boldly embodying fearlessness, the power of silence and patience, warrior stealth, courage, ferocity, focus, nobility, leadership, skill and dominion. As am I, solar symbol cats are themselves nocturnal, cloaked in and moving with the lunar energy of the night moon - unifying within ourselves both the masculine and feminine mysteries into a complete wholeness of spirit.

Both my maternal and paternal families have American roots deep in Kentucky - my paternal family hails from the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian mountains where old ancestral ways still flourish among the mountain folk.

By genetic analysis, I am 1.9% Neanderthal and 2.3% Denisovan (archaic human species coexisting with Homo sapiens sapiens in ancient Europe and Asia for at least 10,000 years).

Of scientifically proven authentic Old World European genetic ancestry, my spiritual essence and artisan heritage flow from an esteemed bloodline of Old English chandlers (which includes Josiah Franklin, the father of American founding father, Grand Master Mason Benjamin Franklin).

As a Witch, this ancestral knowledge provides me with a powerful conscious link to my Mighty Ancestors (the Master Witches of my People) and the Sacred Powers of Ancestral Tradition.

May you who choose to purchase from Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy® be blessed by all your Ancestors, by the spirits of the Land upon which you live, and by the collective Folksoul(s) of the Lands from which your unique soul derives.

Dare to be true to yourself.

Welcome to my world of extraordinary magic.

Lori Lappin, the Witch
Owner & Operator of Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy®    
Thank you for your business and patronage!