In the precessional Sidereal Zodiac, my sun sign is Sagittarius (the Strong-Willed Heroine). In the Sidreal Zodiac, my moon sign is in Virgo (the Practical Analytical Systems-Thinking Perfectionist). My path to psycho-spiritual integration and wholeness has been an interesting and arduous one.

Around a decade ago, I did my natal birth chart according to sidereal astrology. Some of the notable features of my natal birth chart indicate some of the celestial configurations in this lifetime that have marked my personal path into psycho-spiritual evolution and integration.

THE FIRST HOUSE - Fire and Ice and Might

The FIRST HOUSE in astrology is often referred to as the House of Self, consciousness in action and destiny in the making. In my own sidereal natal birth chart, in the First House, Leo is Ascendant, with the planets Pluto and Uranus also marking it. In the creation myth of Northern Europe, everything in the Cosmos came into being through the mighty magically charged Space (Ginnungagap) between Fire (Muspelheim) and Ice (Niflheim). In my own Manifest Being, these three elements of Cosmic Creation exist in the First House of my Natal Birth Chart.

LEO ASCENDANT IN FIRST HOUSE OF LEO - Fixed Fire Sign. Fehu Rune. Unique. Elegant, Classy and Royal. Strong from the core. Born leader. Influential. Driven to Succeed. Creative. Courageous. Holds self in high esteem with tremendous confidence in capabilities. Strong willed. Unbreakable determination. Stubborn. Outspoken.

PLUTO IN THE FIRST HOUSE OF LEO - Fixed Ice (Water) Sign. Isa Rune. Intense, Powerful, Unlimited inner strength, Wholehearted and Passionate about Interests, Independent, Resists Being Controlled, Straight to the Point, Solid Instincts, Psychic, Perceptive, Protective of Privacy, Striking Self-Presentation. Pluto rising often have a series of incarnations. Self-discovery and self-expression focus. Inclined to make several dramatic life-changing makeovers (among many things, I've been a mother, housewife, a nurse, a pharmaceutical scientist, an academic biological researcher, a Medicare reimbursement specialist, a clinical trials data manager, an entrepreneur, a Christian, a Jew, a Heathen, an Atheist and a Witch).

URANUS IN THE FIRST HOUSE OF LEO - Fixed Air Sign. Naudh and Uruz Runes. Radically freedom-loving, liberator. Resists mediocrity. Breaks free from restrictions and imposed stereotypes. Unique, eccentric, unconventional and unusual. Non-conformist. Rebel. Reformer. Inventive. A lifetime of self-discovery and sudden change. Trailblazer. Pioneer of great changes. Innovative in science or occult exploration. The natural detriment of Uranus in Leo is softened by nobly ambitious Leo Ascendant and the extreme natural transcendent luminousness of Pluto in this configuration (which adds a tendency toward reclusiveness and a preference for working behind the scenes as opposed to directly in front of a large public).


The Fourth House of my sidereal natal chart is in Scorpio. No planets or other bodies occupy this space. It is a place clear of karmic baggage. The Fourth House of Home and Heritage, in Scorpio this is the abode of the Scorpion Goddess, known as Serket in ancient prehistoric Pre-Dynastic and Old Kingdom Dynastic Egypt. She is the oldest known Mother Goddess of this culture, depicted in the Pyramid Texts as nursing the Kings of Egypt. The Scorpion was also the name of a pre-dynastic king of Egypt, most famously known as the Scorpion King.

In nature, Scorpion is an excellent mother, protecting her hatchings by keeping them on her back through their first molt. (This fact is interesting given that I wore a back brace as a child, possibly related to protective motherly deeds performed in a past life which harmed me physically, marked me in this life, and prepared me to receive my shamanic heritage as a Descendent of the Scorpion Goddess.) Scorpion in nature does not sting without reason.

Serket is the Goddess of Healing, Magic and Protection. She holds in her hands the Ankh of Eternal Life and the Was Scepter, a staff of Power, Dominion and Authority. Scorpion was revered in Old Kingdom Egypt as a guardian of souls as they move through this world and other worlds. Scorpion is a totem spirit of the shaman. a world-walker.


Native likely had a righteous father. Regal, ambitious, intelligent clear thinking, sapiential, sophic configuration pertaining to wisdom, knowledge and discernment. Higher learning inclination, leans toward philosophy, law, economics, science, medicine, politics. Karmically blessed with a luxurious wealth of knowledge secondary to good deeds in past life. This Sun needs the highest of the high. When it comes to speculative gains, like winning court cases, this is a beautiful Sun. Skillful in logic, argument, diplomacy and war.


Typically, in both Western and Vedic sidereal astrology, Saturn pertains to past life karma and is usually considered the most malefic planet influencing one's natal chart. However, for a Leo Ascendant native (which I am), Saturn is not a malefic. For Leo Ascendant, Saturn is functionally balanced and a source of amazing forbearance, discipline, and capacity to achieve the native's most authentic deepest hopes and wishes. Sagittarius is the House of Dharma, purpose, self-awareness and being true to one's Dharma. For Leo Ascendant, Saturn is the great power foundation for lifelong spiritual evolution, mastery of will, and expansion of consciousness.


Saturn's 7 1/2 year transit over the natal moon, known as the infamous period of Sade-Sati, is often a tumultuous rebirthing and awakening. For me, one of the most intense periods of Sade-Sati began in fullness around 1990, when I questioned everything I had ever been taught, and my first life-changing makeover was initiated. I got divorced. I went back to school and got a degree in another field of study, combined with doing advanced curricula thesis biochemical research. I changed careers. I moved far away from my hometown as a divorced mother of 3 children. I left my religion of birth. My whole world turned upside down. This was definitely a challenging time, but this period of chaotic transition was radically evolutionary for me, and not at all the result of negative past life karma. Indeed, Saturn is my cosmic teacher and a karmic blessing bringing spiritual ascension, greater wisdom, deeper understanding and boundary-breaking knowledge. Saturn disrupts illusions and guides toward ever increasing self-realization and actualization. Most people will experience at least two or three of these kinds of periods over the course of a lifetime. I have had many, beginning as a child when I wore a back brace for 3 1/2 years. This lifetime of mine is focused on profound evolution of consciousness. This is the greatest gift of Saturn, a benefic planet for Leo Ascendant.


Mercury is another planet in my House of Dharma. In its detriment in Sagittarius, Mercury is more geared toward philosophical and cosmic principles, formulas and techniques over more worldly concerns. Mercury brings to the Sagittarian Warrior-Heroine the skills of masterful communication, artful writing and an exquisite attention to detail. Mercury works in positive functional synergy with Jupiter.


Benefic Jupiter in the Dharmic Fifth House bestows upon the Sagittarian Warrior-Heroine the gifts of teaching, guiding and expressively embodying the native's portion of innate metaphysical knowledge.


In my natal birth chart, the Fifth House of Sagittarius is my House of Dharma. More than anything, Sagittarians are Noble, no matter in what socioeconomic class they may find themselves in. With my Sun supported by the evolutionary force of Saturn combined with the skillful arts of expressive communication, teaching and writing, my virtue and duty toward the Cosmic Order is to contribute with willful awareness to the further evolution of Cosmic Consciousness.


Well-being, security, stability, order and making a positive contribution. These conditions characterize the primary concerns of a Virgo Moon in the Second House. Reserved emotionally. Acutely aware. Keen mind. Natural talent for discernment and problem-solving. Analytical. Detail-oriented perfectionist. Innate need to refine and improve circumstances, processes and things. Highly adaptable. Systematic. Organized. Practical. Productive. Rational. Responsible. Strong writing ability. Values peace-filled purity of mind and spirit. Sincere graceful humility of earthy Virgo Moon positively tempers the fiery ego of Leo Ascendant. Conversely, the bold nature of Leo Ascendant positively tempers the humble, sometimes shy nature of Virgo Moon. Strong interest and natural aptitude for healthcare, nutrition and healing, especially those arts dealing with natural therapies, herbs and pharmacology. This Virgo Moon has been a Critical Care Nurse, a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Nurse Specialist, a pharmaceutical scientist, and now as a Witch, my personal practice focuses on herbalism.


The Third House of my sidereal natal chart is in Libra (an Air sign), with the planet Neptune (ruling Water) influencing it. These two conditions suggest the breath and blood of life. Symbolized by the Scales of Justice, Libra desires balance, justice and harmony. Neptune artfully, gently and peacefully refines everything it influences. The Third House concerns the education and journey of the lifetime.

The eighth planet from the Sun, Neptune carries the cosmic energies of the Germanic rune Wunjo (Delight) and the Hebrew letter Chet (the Run and Return of the Life Dynamic). Wunjo strengthens links and bonds toward specific purposes, crafts harmony and brings wellbeing. The soul gate to arcane Mysteries of Being, Chet flows with dynamic life-force both immanent and transcendent in a delicate balance of Essence revelation and concealment. 

Neptune has fourteen moons, thirteen are irregular and only one, Triton the largest moon, is spherical. Unlike the other thirteen moons, Triton also moves retrograde to the orbit of Neptune. The fourteenth moon corresponds to the Germanic rune Perthro, the cosmic stream whereby Orlog (Wyrd, Destiny) may be perceived and influenced by the act of direct perception itself. The fourteenth Hebrew letter Nun, the great fish, corresponds to the power of the soul to endure forever, remaining distinct in selfless self-essence and without dissolution even as it is contained within the cosmic sea of unity.

Neptune has five rings. Fourteen (corresponding to the 14 moons) reduces numerically to 5, corresponding to the Germanic rune Raidho and to the Hebrew letter Hei. Raidho associates with a life journey of right thought, right intention and right action. Raidho blends personal with cosmic rhythms, cycles and laws. It is the symbol of the Vehmic Court and the deep indigenous laws of the Folksoul. It is the number of the Witch's pentacle of protection and complete harmonic resonance among the five aspects of the soul working together. Hei pertains to the Divine Feminine, the five levels of the soul (known as a witch in Hebrew Kabbalah), and the five worlds comprising the chain of existence (both immanent and transcendent of created reality).

Taken together, the three Germanic runes combined numerically add up to 27. Likewise, the three Hebrew letters numerically combined add up to 27. Twenty-seven reduces to 9 (the rune Hagalaz, the rune of evolutionary cosmic patterning, balance and protection; and the letter Tet, the letter of proper judgment, imagination and peace). Nine times 2 equals 18, corresponding to the Goddess (the rune Berkano) of Life (the word Chai).


"I now know that shadows come from the Light." - The Ninth Gate (1999 movie)...

I now also know that Light comes from the Darkness, and that Light and Darkness are the same. Yet, persistent curiosity remains. I simply do not know. Why.

The Ninth House in my sidereal natal chart is in formidable Aries (a royal sign as are Leo and Sagittarius as well), the House of the Horned Goddess, philosophy and teaching. With the Ninth House opposite the Third House (where the number 9 figures significantly in my natal chart), I am connecting this triplet of nines to the mathematical idea of a modulus 9. In modular arithmetic, numbers wrap around (like a clock or the mythic serpent around a staff and the Tree of Life) when a certain value is reached. Existence is a spiraling cycle.

There are two keys in my hands, and both represent Creative Knowledge. Yet, I am still not satisfied. Do I really need these keys to break free of modulus nine, where 9 is also 0? A poem I wrote nearly two decades ago on enlightened ignorance ... Ignorance.

an ever forming question leading through it
winding deep
deep deep deep
height beyond the arms of the universe
spread between one and nothing
thoughtbare, solitary, with truth yoked in the balance
constricting yet emerging
collapsing into naught center bound
like a rock, essential, neither light nor dark
establishing the faithful gate of wonder
perplexing, bewildering, curious, unknown, unshackled, unshakable
and the thrill of discovering

"The final end of knowledge is not to know": Bechinat Olam 13:45


With the Sixth House in Capricorn on my natal chart, there is no other placement so indicative of a workaholic than this one. Goal-oriented. Focused. Relentless self-discipline and work ethic. Responsible. Organized. Industrious. 


It is a cliché that to truly love another, one must first love oneself. To truly actualize authentic, healthy self-love, one must also first truly know and appreciate the uniqueness of oneself as an individual soul-spirit. Overwhelming, the dharma of my Fifth House moves with a powerful evolutionary trajectory. It is no small wonder then that this dharma has significantly impacted Seventh House configurations and my personal relationships. In my natal chart, Venus and Chiron occupy the Seventh House in Aquarius. While psychic empathy and agreeableness characterize Venus, Chiron indicates early life trauma. For me this trauma first and most profoundly occurred prenatally, and the conscious memory of it is still with me today. As  I have shared before, my experiential conscious memory extends into pre-incarnate experience. Confronted with the overall dharma driving this lifetime - to further evolve cosmic consciousness - my early marriage to my small town high school sweetheart ended in divorce. A life purpose to "evolve thyself" was not compatible with being an enabler of addiction and abuse. Like Chiron, I am a wounded healer. Now, well past the days of young womanhood, in this mature phase of my life, I do know myself. I do love myself. I do appreciate the uniqueness of the person that I am. My heart is on a firm foundation of strength and easily able to maintain healthy boundaries between myself and any other. I've never sought to remarry. My children, education and work have kept me happy and fulfilled. I don't need a partnered relationship to be whole and complete. Aquarius shines its eccentric energy brightly for me. I value my maverick individualism, precious autonomy and quiet independence. 


The Eighth House of my sidereal natal chart is in Pisces, the house which pertains to the continuity of soul-self identity, paradoxical selfless self-awareness, and to the general circumstances of one's physical death. The Eighth House in Pisces suggests a gentle, easy passage into the Afterlife, with soul-self identity and remembering selfless self-awareness seamlessly continuing intact through it as naturally and as effortlessly as a fish swims through water. I may even pass over peacefully in my sleep, shedding physicality as smoothly as did the star beings in the film 'Cocoon'. I expect my death to be a very beautiful, spiritually delightful experience. My sidereal natal chart confirms this expectation as written in the stars.

As I experienced inter-incarnate and pre-incarnate continuity of conscious soul-self identity and remembering selfless self-awareness prior to the beginning of this lifetime, so shall I again at the end of this lifetime. This experiential phenomenon has been described in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead as the condition of being resulting from having been judged favorably in the Afterlife, and through this judgment having been "granted memory always." Being granted memory always is a feature of being granted eternal life.

"I stand before the masters who witnessed creation, who were the authors of their own forms, who rolled into being, who walked the dark circuitous passages of their own becoming, who saw with their own eyes their destinies and the shapes of things to come." [Egyptian Book of the Dead, 1550 BCE, Normandi Ellis translation]


Mars in the Eleventh House of Gemini is a powerful force which moves mountains. Mars fuels and ignites movement. This configuration is simply brilliant in terms of bringing in gains and victories which grow more positive over time. Mars achieves set goals and produces results with huge  impact. Speech is direct and straightforward. Sees the big picture. Able to easily think "outside the box." Knows how to use knowledge to gain advantage. Problem-solver. Active. Fast-paced, high energy intellect and life. High value placed on intelligence. Women with Mars in Gemini value a high IQ and wittiness in a partner over any other traits. Constant need for stimulation of the mind. Fiercely competitive. Dauntless. Skilled in strategic maneuvering and combat. Fearless. Daring. Willful. Strong sense of right and wrong. Great communicator. Very cool, calm and polished generally. May be irascible and cutting with words when angry in youth which cools and becomes controlled with maturity and strong introspective, self-reflective tendencies found in other parts the natal chart. Avoids boredom. Not easily domesticated. Likes to dabble in many areas of interest. Quirky maverick. Inquisitive. Mars in Gemini never loses touch with the inner child, a source of joy, playfulness and charm. The tension between power and playful innocence found in this configuration makes Mars in Gemini an enigma to many people.
Dauntless Mars in Gemini taught me to fly!


Native is steadfast, solid, balanced, conservative and down-to-earth, perseveres to achieve goals. Knows how to tough it out. Persistent. Likes safety and security. Often self-employed. Mission to build something solid, valuable and to contribute to the betterment of the world.


With my Twelfth House in Cancer, I am clearly a person who values solitude, contemplation, privacy and seclusion away from the rat race. Absolutely. No planets or other bodies, my Twelfth House is empty. A good sign.


In my own natal chart, Rahu is in the First House of Leo. This signifies a lifetime of intensity, with the self highly concerned with fate and destiny. This placement also indicates that in previous lifetimes, I gave care in service to the needs of others who never reciprocated. Attachments to accumulating money or superficiality is particularly destructive to one's peace of mind with Rahu in the First House. With Rahu in Leo, Sun (in the Fifth House in my own chart) is the dispositor, signifying good past life karma and the reception of many talents in this lifetime as a result.

In my own natal chart, Ketu is in the Seventh House of Aquarius. This signifies a relationship with a partner who always needs help (in some way) and may also have unusual eyes, traits which my ex-husband did, in fact, have. Ketu dissolved this relationship, and with it, my need to save people from themselves. I have intimately learned this life lesson - that helping is not always what is truly needed by the one in need. Sometimes, helping interferes with another person's life learning and soul evolution. Sometimes. stepping away from an enabling relationship is the only positive aid you can give to the other. With Ketu in Aquarius, Saturn (in the Fifth House in my own chart) is the dispositor, signifying a lifetime of lessons whereby my children are my teachers, opening up my heart to unconditional love. My children are the blessings through which the cosmos heals eons of past karma, both personal and family.


8 (the karmic number of the Master Builder lifepath) points in zodiac houses associated with elemental FIRE signs.

5 (the witch's mark) STELLIA heavily influencing my life: (3 with Sun, 1 with Mercury and 1 with Pluto):
Stellium with Sun: 24Sag26 and Mer: 26Sag22 and Jup: 21Sag47
Stellium with Sun: 24Sag26 and Mer: 26Sag22 and Sat: 26Sag21
Stellium with Sun: 24Sag26 and Jup: 21Sag47 and Sat: 26Sag21
Stellium with Mer: 26Sag22 and Jup: 21Sag47 and Sat: 26Sag21
Stellium with Plu: 13Leo42 and Nod: 14Leo43 and Asc: 15Leo44

GRAND TRINE with Ven: 10Aqu16 and Mar: 10Gem54 and Nep: 16Lib49:
Air Sign Grand Trine Strengths - visionary, highly psychic, symbolic ideas

CRADLE OF CREATIVITY - Cradle from Mar: 10Gem54 to Plu: 13Leo42 to Nep: 16Lib49 to Jup: 21Sag47
Specifically in my natal chart, the apical planets are Pluto/Geut and Neptune:
Pluto governs curative destruction, experiencing extremes of polarity, bringing to light deeply hidden core truths (a wonderful transmittable hamingja-soul energy for a candlemaker to have), transformative alchemy, renewal and rebirth, conscious evolution and spiritual expansion.
Neptune governs the perfection of imagination, the control of chaos (like Thor's hammer), the creation of magical poetry, dream magic, mystical insight and timelessness.

T-SQUARE from Mid: 12Tau27 to Ven: 10Aqu16 and Plu: 13Leo42
A T-Square is a powerful configuration found frequently in the natal charts of successful people, CEOs and extraordinarily creative people due to the profoundly challenging energies encountered and overcome by people with T-squares in our natal charts. When one has overcome the challenges of a T-square, there is nothing which can stop us from reaching our goals.

Moon (Vir) Squ [Gem] Mars - orb: +1:47' - power: 10.88
Mountains tremble with moon square mars. Forceful, intense, power-laden. Overcoming this emotionally explosive configuration leads to True Mastery. Below is a composite of two poems (of the many poems) I wrote as I myself was in the midst of working through this awesome configuration of life energy within my soul:


heart and soul and might
all of it, one instrument
off the edge
gripped within
simple strokes uncoiling
something essential, something true
crazy, insane
the cacophony
dangerously divine
the probing inquisition
a serpent song, a scorpion tale
stringing through dark dark sounds
of a brilliant lovestory

catch it!

My personal sidereal natal birth chart represents the unique and powerful challenges I have faced on my soul's journey into integrative wholeness and as I continue to ever work toward ever evolving consciousness. This is the hamingja-soul energy I share with you in the magical crafts I create for you.

Blessed be you and yours,

Lori, the Witch of Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy®