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My Witch Blood Rune - Ior (the Bringer of Light) Emerging from Hagall (Evolutionary Initiation) to Create Axis Mundi Continuity of Consciousness, Memory, Knowledge and Life

As Lybbestre, I write this during Ēostremonath (April, the Old English Anglo-Saxon pagan month of the goddess ancestor Ēostre/Ostara/(proto-Indo-European *Austrō), specifically on April 16, 2017). Ēostremonath is the Old English Anglo-Saxon moon time for celebrating life with focused tydor, renewal and new light. The flame of my ancestors dances with joy within my heart. Hail Ēostre, goddess of spring, the dawn, and the bringer of light (Ior).

Identical in shape to the rune Hagall of the Scandinavian Younger Futhark, the Old English Anglo-Saxon rune Ior (ior) is also my birth rune and, equally importantly, my witch blood rune. My witch blood rune guides and illumines the path of my life's soul journey toward and into blessedness, satisfaction, contentment and delight. It is my rune for ancestral shamanic power bloodwalking.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Ior reads:

Ior biþ éafisc, and þéah a brúceþ,
fódres on foldan, hafaþ fægerne eard,
wætre beworpen, þær hé wynnum léofaþ.

Translation: Ior (Beaver) is the river fish (creature), and though she resides (abides) there, she forages (collects sustenance) on land (from the ways of the ancestors, ancestral spiritual earth origins and bloodline ancestral knowledge). She has a fair (balanced, legitimate, upright, honorable, trustworthy) dwelling (deep earth connection), water (wisdom and fluid creativity) surrounding, that (sacred) place she joyfully holds dear.

Ior is the rune of "home sweet home" and its spirit creature is Beaver, master builder of home and happiness. While Hagall is a rune of new beginnings (as is birth), Ior is a rune which brings together all attributes needed for creating, maintaining and protecting that sacred place and way of being wherein happiness, contentedness, love and safety dwell. Ior banishes inharmonious negativity and baneful forces that would upset the balance of sacred place and way of being.

My English name Lori (given to me by my parents), is intimately connected to the rune Ior. Lori (l-or-i) means "my light" and "light to me." Old English Anglo-Saxon Ior (i-or) is the bringer of light. Ior is my radiant inner light, Lori is my radiant inner light brightly emanating out into the world from my inmost being.

Ior and Hagall are dualities which find synthesis in form. Ior (light-bringer) emerges from Hagall (the dark womb of new beginning), becoming greater than either light or darkness alone, becoming the Axis Mundi (the witch's staff, the maypole, the Irmunsil, Excalibur, Jacob's ladder, the totem pole, the church spire) of consciousness.

Ior is the 28th rune of the Anglo-Saxon Futhork. There are 28 lunar mansions through which the moon moves in its orbit around the earth. The 28th mansion is the mansion of the "fish" which makes security and joy, increases harvest and "gathers together" in psychosynthetic wholeness, folksoul unity and magical mastery immersed with the spirit of authentic tradition.

Ior is my witch blood rune and my real name is my sacred name. Hail the ancestors! Hail my ancestral bloodlines!