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The remnant of my South Asian Indo-Aryan Sinhalese ancestry resides on my 9th chromosome, on only one of the pair, thus inherited from only one of my parents (I don't know from which parent). My X-chromosomes are almost entirely British-Irish and broadly Northwestern European (which includes all of the Altantic-North Sea areas of the UK, Iceland, Fennoscandia and North Sea Germania) since at least the Middle Ages. There are, however, a few areas on my X-chromosomes and chromosomes 13, 14, 15, 21 and 22 that "unassigned" and unquantified 'no data available' ancestry; that is, this mystery ancestry presently has no known modern or historical genetic population match. Maybe it's alien (just kidding). I have inherited mystery (unknown and unmatched to any population) ancestry from both parents. I suspect it may be from as yet undiscovered archaic (or modern geographically isolated or hidden) human populations indigenous to Eurasia (or North America as I have Native American ancestry, specifically Potawatomi and Cherokee, by oral family tradition). Though the 'no data available' genetic areas of my chromosomal DNA have been neither quantified nor included in the overall reported totals, I'd estimate that these mystery areas may represent around 3-4% of my total chromosomal DNA.