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My 23andMe genetic ancestry results are in, showing no trace of an African genetic heritage, despite that both current scientific theory of human origins and one of my shamanic soul journeys suggest that I should have. So, I have to rethink how to interpret my dream (where my waking mind associated the valley in it with the Rift Valley in the Horn of Africa).

I still believe that my ancestors may have spent some time in the Horn of Africa (as I do have a very miniscule trace from the Horn of Africa in other genetic ancestry results), but perhaps not long enough to have left any significant lingering genetic evidence. I tend to believe that if my ancestors had been in Africa for any extended period of time (especially if they had significantly evolved there), I would have a lingering trace of genetic ancestry in these results as I do for South Asia (0.4%, which includes India) and as I do for Neanderthal ancestry (272 of 2872 Neanderthal variants tested, consistent with the 1.9% of Neanderthal genetic ancestry result from Geno 2.0). According to the 'Out of Africa' theory of human origins, the Homo sapien-Neanderthal genetic admixture is believed have occurred shortly after Homo sapiens left Africa, so if these genetic results have a detected in me a nearly 2% Neanderthal genetic ancestry which occurred shortly after putatively leaving Africa, then a significant African genetic ancestry so close in time to this Neanderthal genetic admixture should have also been detected if I had any.

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Given this new genetic data, I now believe that my anthropoid primate ancestors first evolved in Antarctica during the late Paleocene (to early Eocene) before the breakup of the Gondwana supercontinent. During this period when Gondwana was still together, they then migrated from Antarctica into what is now called India, which was still joined to Antarctica, Madagascar and Africa. Also during this time, there may have been a temporary migration into the Horn of Africa, followed by a back-migration into areas of land that were part of the Indian plate, not the African plate (the Horn of Africa juts off from the African plate). I believe my anthropoid primate ancestors evolved into hominids in India, and further into Homo sapiens in India after the breakup of Gondwana. The Indian plate split off from Africa and Antarctica and eventually collided with the Eurasian plate some time during the late Eocene. Thus, in these results, I have a significant lingering trace of genetic ancestry from South Asia, but not from Africa.


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My <0.1% trace result (see Image 3) of "unassigned" DNA also supports my "Out of Antarctica" hypothesis! Whereas I have no lingering trace of African genetic ancestry, I do have a lingering trace of some mystery "unassigned" genetic ancestry that this company has no clue as to its identity or place of origin.