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I had a dream this morning (7/25/15) about a valley which my mind immediately linked with the Great Rift Valley in East Africa when I awoke. In my dream, on one side of the valley lived remnant populations of dinosaurs and other species of animals from times long ago.

One huge dinosaur was chasing modern humans and other animals, but two modern humans (a man and a woman) escaped being crushed by the stampeding dinosaur by jumping into a rock crevice in the bedrock floor. I saw small mammals and other hominin kinds fleeing the dinosaur along with the modern humans too. I was an observer watching.

Then suddenly, after the two modern humans jumped into the bedrock crevice, I was on the other side of a huge valley which separated the part of the continent inhabited by remnant populations of dinosaurs from the sparsely but more peacefully inhabited part of the continent where I had just bought a house. My house was the only house around, it was so sparsely populated. The dinosaurs and other creatures who lived on the other side of the valley couldn't cross the valley, so we were safe in my house. Not sure how I crossed the valley, but I did (thinking about it now, I associate "jumping into the bedrock crevice" with the first step of my ancestors into the Rift Valley to cross it). The valley was not an obstacle to me, I could go back and forth over the valley if I wanted to, but I didn't want to, I wanted to settle into my house. A look northward up from the western edge of the valley ended the dream.

I am thinking that this dream is a genetic memory. Here is how I am interpreting this dream:

In my dream, I crossed the valley (going east to west) leaving behind earlier forms of hominins on the eastern side of the valley - suggesting to me that the primate hominid lineage which eventually led to me (i.e., my lineage of Homo sapiens sapiens) may have significantly evolved and differentiated from earlier hominids and hominins in a more 'central' area of East Africa. This lineage was hominid, but its specific species is not known by me nor can I pinpoint an exact timeline of this line's development in East Africa. It is significant though that the dream suggests to me that concentration in the Horn of Africa is suggested as the only place in the African continent where my lineage lived - that is, in my dream, there is no southward or further westward movement of my line upon the African continent - movement is limited to crossing the Rift Valley and looking northward from there.

All of the other animals present in my dream suggests to me a general timeline (just as primate fossils can be approximately dated by the associated animal fossils found in the same area). The timeline suggests that some of my primate lineage may have inhabited East Africa possibly as early as during or immediately following the time of the last dinosaurs (following the end of the Cretaceous period of the late Mesozoic era as symbolized by being chased by a remnant dinosaur in my dream) until after the time of the evolution of some early hominin species (possibly including very early Homo sapiens) during the early Pleistocene epoch of the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era. 

So far then, my dreams (this dream and the dream I had previously) have shown to me that my ancestral anthropoid primate lineage first evolved in Antarctica, most likely during the Paleocene-Eocene epochs. Also sometime during the Paleocene-Eocene epochs, during the the last ages of the dinosaurs, my anthropoid primate ancestors began migrating out of Antarctica towards the Horn of Africa (which was still joined to Antarctica by land). Possibly during the middle Cenozoic era (during the Miocene, Pliocene and early Pleistocene epochs) when apes, hominids and early hominins evolved (possibly until the appearance of a population early Homo sapiens), my primate lineage primarily inhabited East Africa east of the Rift Valley. A very small, sparce population of my lineage of hominids (possibly Homo sapien) then migrated and evolved separately from other hominid populations by crossing to the opposite (west) side of the Rift Valley (most likely during the Calabrian to Middle Ionian ages of the Pleistocene epoch). My lineage of early hominids continued to evolve west of the Rift Valley during the time other hominid species continued to inhabit and evolve in areas east of the Rift Valley.

My interpretation fits with my own genetic data. According to my own autosomal STR DNA results, my genetic links to Africa are exclusively to the Horn of Africa (through which the Rift Valley runs) and to North Africa (the Berbers). Very likely then, my early hominid ancestors crossed over the Rift Valley (going east to west), settling for a period of time on the western side of the Rift before leaving Africa via crossing the Red Sea (into the Arabian peninsula), possibly during the middle Pleistocene epoch. During the late Pleistocene, my ancestors were already in Europe and had become Cro-Magnons (through continued hominid evolution and interbreeding with other Eurasian hominins including at least, Neanderthals, Denisovans and another as yet unidentified hominin species which interbred with the Denisovans). Back-migration of European Cro-Magnons into North Africa during the last Ice Age is the known identified source of my own genetic link to North Africa (probably between 18,000 to 9000 years ago) - this much later link to North Africa is also supported by the absence of any hint of ancestral migration away from the western side of the Rift Valley into North Africa in this most recent dream. When my lineage of hominids left East Africa is not revealed in this dream. It is even quite possible that the ancestral lineage I have dreamt about in this dream is Neanderthal or some other European ancestral hominin lineage (such as the Denisovans, for example) - all this dream tells me for sure is that the line is human in the sense of experiential consciousness (in contradistinction to any scientific definition of ancestral human species).

What may have driven my hominid ancestors to migrate west of the Great Rift Valley away from other hominids which inhabited areas east of the Great Rift Valley? I'll bet it has to do with a greater and increasing population density on the eastern side, a situation which brought with it increasing territorial disputes between groups and inter-group cannibalism. In my dream, the feeling of being "peaceful and safe" on the western side of the valley was definately present.