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Many of you know that I have have experienced pre-incarnate consciousness and have retained continuous memory of that consciousness even to today. New scientific discoveries are increasingly providing new data to suggest potential components to the biologic mechanism for imprinting these memories into the organic mind. For example, research with FXS (Fragile X Syndrome) in males has solidly linked human functional "working memory" to the X-chromosome (females have a set of two X-chromosomes, males have one X and one Y chromosome) - therefore, I posit that I have a set of *very strong* X-chromosomes (not fragile at all as in FXS) which together reinforce functional working memory in me. Other research has demonstrated that the X chromosome retains the memory of its parental origin in murine embryonic stem cells, scientifically supporting the actual transfer of "genetic memory" via the X-chromosome. And even more research has shown that mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA inherited from one's genetic motherline) drives adaptive evolution in nuclear genes and that nuclear-encoded proteins are transported via mitochondria. Putting a cherry on top of all of this, is even newer research which has demonstrated that sparks of light are emitted in the lab during fertilization of an egg by a sperm, marking a burst of zinc flow in consequence to cellular interactions (zinc is known to promote memory and cognition). Science is getting closer and closer to elucidating a mechanism for the atypical experience of continuous consciousness that I have experienced, as have others like Heidr in the folklore of my ancestors.


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Since the X-chromosome is related to "genetic memory", memory and cognition, I thought I'd take a look at my "cousin" X-chromosome matches at FTDNA and see if I could tease out if my active X-chromosome was a recombined mixture of genetic material from the X-chromosomes I received from both parents, or not a recombination of both parental X's (which is possible but unusual).

In a human female (who inherits two X-chromosomes, one from each parent), only one X-chromosome stays active and the other one becomes condensed and inactivated during embyogenesis. The inactivated, condensed X-chromosome is called a Barr Body.

Just looking at the ancestral surnames of my matches, it's clear to me that my active X-chromosome is a recombination of genetic X-material from both of my parents. All but two of my known ancestral surnames are present among my X-matches.

My ancestors having these surnames are now known to have contributed genetic material to my active X-chromosome: (maternal) Faulkner, Collins, Franklin, Turner, Grunwald; and (paternal) Taylor and Wallace. The two known ancestral surnames that I do not find among my X-matches are paternal: Sowers and Leverenz.

These are the kin-countries of my known X-matches: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Israel, France, Switzerland, Canada and of course, the USA.

My X-match with the longest single block (54) of X-chromosome DNA shared with me is associated with the ancestral surname Faulkner.

So, I think it's pretty safe to think that the larger chunk of my active X-chromosome genetic material came from my maternal ancestors, with some of my active X-chromosome genetic material also being contributed by my paternal ancestors.

These are the kin-countries (where I may have relatives) of my "cousin" X-matches: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Israel, France, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Czechia and of course, the USA..