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Connections Weave Through It. This is not about religion or god(s), it is about human connections weaving through us (as beings immutably woven together as life threads in the tapestry of a greater folksoul) throughout cosmic time, independent of religion or belief. It is about the nature of the reality in which we are immersed.

Just as with the runes attuned to my genetic motherline and fatherline, the paleolithic European tradition and heathen Germanic runes Hagall and Ing, both being inside-out reflections one of the other, the same dynamic of being is found embedded within the names my parents chose for me as an infant, a name with roots in Judeo-Christian tradition.

Lori Ann

As with the heathen runes Hagall and Ing, the name Lori Ann is a construct of two words which are opposite reflections one of the other. The name Lori means "my light" in Hebrew, with a prefix letter lamed ("L") implying active movement of "my light"- thus, my light in motion. The name Ann, while many might think it derives from the root chanah, the name itself is not chanah, it is ann - ayin-nun-nun. - a root implying cloud cover, a concealing darkness, a concealing darkness no less powerful than the revealing light of "my light". The Hebrew root "a-n-n" also implies an "acting response" ("to my light"). Thus, the name Lori Ann infers an ever-acting "affect attunement" of light and darkness in connected communication with one another.

Hagall (evolutionary) and Ing (involutionary) are opposite movements of consciousness, just as are light (revealing) and darkness (concealing). Both pairs are also communicating attunements of lifeforce, each one with the other.

The dancing duality of Hagall and Ing, of Light and Darkness, make experiential reality possible. In me, through the dance of this duality, is created the third reality greater than either light or darkness alone. It creates understanding, neither blinded by the light nor overwhelmed by the darkness. Just the right mix to create intuitive apprehension and mindful comprehension. Without the dance, there is neither apprehension nor comprehension, but only chaos.

CAULDRON (I wrote this about 20 years ago)

forged without calculation
reverberating with eternal essence, the lifeforce
brewing namelessly under the nostrils, purifying recognition
some thoughtbare combination, a tasty transformation
within a witch's cauldron, over colorless flames darkly
simmering a stew of primeval mysteries
including everything, yet nothing yet
percolating in silence, an utterly female science
patiently pivoting tongs stirring that connection
deliciously delightful
singly unique
sustaining completely, from the timeless time to come
turning history
without equivocation