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"We are all influenced (either directly or indirectly through its effects on others) when Mercury is in retrograde. What DOES this mean? Let us explain … Sometimes the other planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion." [Source - Mercury Retrograde Dates 2016]

Let this truth sink in for a moment - with respect to the Cosmos and Cosmic Reality, the backward movement of Mercury through the zodiac is an illusion of our limited perception as creatures observing from the surface of the Earth.

Many of the psychological manipulations used by some witches to gain power and influence over those with naive and trusting natures (or those willfully seeking to be helpfully manipulated) is via the power to manufacture convincing illusions which subsequently influence the target's patterns of thinking, feeling and responding to any particular circumstance or situation. In most cases, the ability of the witch to do this is positive, helping people to break addictions or bad habits, to willfully and deliberately change undesirable behaviors, to overcome other kinds of obstacles and blockages, or to draw good energy and abundance into a person's environment. In other cases, the ability of the witch to do this is negative, where the witch's purpose is to inject harmful ideas, chaotic energy, emotional turmoil or misinformation into the minds and emotional complexes of those they wish to control or manipulate.

Consequently, illusion itself is not bad. Illusion is itself a neutral tool of the craft in the hands of those who take it up as such. The goal of a witch is to master the use of the tool, not to be mastered by it. Given that, how a witch deals with the illusion of Mercury Retrograde is really entirely up to her - the witch has the choice to ride the illusion or to wield it for magical purposes (be those purposes positive or baneful).

The choice is yours. Equally importantly, the witch takes full karmic responsibility for all of the choices she makes (either consciously or through not choosing). In witchcraft, when all is said and done, there are no scapegoats to ultimately bear the cost of the choices we each make. Magic comes with a price, and each witch must pay the price for the magic she/he makes (be that price a reward or punishment by the Cosmos).