© Lori Lappin, the Witch of WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®


Did you know that sperm are put to sleep in the mother's fallopian tubes by the mother's body for up to 5 days while waiting for an egg to be released? When the egg is released, the mother's system wakes up the sleeping sperm. I remember both going to sleep and being awakened. I remember the presence of others of "my people" being around me (which would be others also on the journey toward incarnation). I remember communication between us (and all of my people at this time) as to whom among us would become incarnate. I did. I was driven by being awakened toward a world of ever increasing clarity of consciousness (as contained within the egg), through a river of fire encircling the world (the egg's cell membrane) and survived through an onslaught of annihilating operations (the burst of chemical reactions which harden the cell membrane to prevent more than one sperm from penetrating) into the safety of the initial darkness inside my world (the egg of nascent incarnating consciousness). I remember being awakened and making that journey. Consciousness does not begin with fertilization of an egg. Consciousness is eternal. It may sleep (the small portion attached to the sperm), but consciousness is not dependent upon our brains nor upon fertilization. It is ultimately transcendent of actualized matter. And consciousness and communications with one's "people" are active all throughout incarnation. Incarnating is a busy busy time for consciousness.