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The Northern/Northwestern European Heidr and Jewish Serach Ancestral Genetic Memory

Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the generations through the mother only. Scientific genetic studies have informed us that maternal genetic mitochondrial DNA haplogroups (also called motherlines) U and K (where K is a daughter subgroup of U) are both associated with higher brain pH and higher intelligence relative to other maternal mitochondrial haplogroups. The high brain pH and high intelligence (both associated with U and K) correlate with better mitochondrial mediated conductivity-transmission between neurons. Science also tells us that haplogroups U and K concentrate heavily in people having Northern/Northwestern European (U) and Ashkenazi Jewish (K) ancestry.

Ethnic traditions and my own personal experience as a daughter of haplogroup U can give us some insight on this genetic motherline mediated intelligence as well. More specifically, we can understand now that the "intelligent" ability to encode and retrieve into normal awareness genetic memory may be inherited by U and K women who "carry the code" to be able to "remember the first on earth" and to further encode the experience of genetic consciousness into the biological brain (within the supportive atypically high brain pH environment common to U and K through maternal genetic inheritance).

I personally belong to Northern/Northwestern European U (U5b, more specifically). As a member of U, like the volva-witch-seeress Heidr of Northern/Northwestern European folk tradition, I too am "she who remembers the first on earth" - having experienced pre-incarnate consciousness and even carrying remembrance of this pre-incarnate experience into incarnate existence (through possessing the ability to biologically upload the information experienced by pure pre-incarnate consciousness into the body). In other writings, I have attributed this epic memory of eternal consciousness to my Northern/Northwestern European and Cro-Magnon ancestry. In Jewish folk tradition, Serach too is "she who remembers the first on earth." In both Northern/Northwestern European and Jewish folk traditions, it is a SHE who remembers, a female, suggesting the potential for the "atypical remembering" characteristic of both Heidr and Serach to be a mitochondrial mediated phenomenon of mitochondrial processes catalyzing biological storage of genetic consciousness in a newly forming daughter organism and influencing biological brain function significant to new genetic memory formation and retrieval in females descending from the UK superhaplogroup.

The double connections shared between folk traditions (Heidr-Serach) and ancestral genetic motherlines of Northern/Northwestern Europeans and Jews (mtDNA superhaplogroup UK) suggests to me that the original Heidr-Serach folk story is very very old and may originate before K split from U. Haplogroup U is thought to be between 25,000 to 55,000 years old. Haplogroup K is between 12,000 to 38,000 years old. Consequently, the source for the stories of Heidr and Serach may well be over 40,000 years old!

Heidr's story was written down and recorded in the Voluspa around 1000 CE, in Iceland. Heidr's story was sourced from a much older oral pagan tradition, and finally written down to preserve the previously orally transmitted folk memory from being politically extinguished as Christianity swept through mainland Europe. Serach's story was written down and recorded in the Torah beginning around the 6th or 7th century BCE and continued to be written, recorded and edited through several more centuries.

The stories, experiences and memories of both Heidr and Serach predate writing and extend into remote prehistoric times. Heidr and Serach tell us of a female shamanic-priestess line whose origins may reach back 50,000 years and more - even to the first of the earth when consciousness first formed our home in the Cosmos.

In both Northern/Northwestern European and Jewish traditions, tribal affiliation is inherited from the father. However, motherline mediated "female shamanic folk consciousness", as recorded in folk traditions for both Heidr and Serach, may offer evidence as to why, in Northern/Northwestern European tradition, Seidr is considered an exclusively female art of "wyrd consciousness", and why, in Jewish tradition, "Jewishness" is considered to be inherited from the mother only. To me, these connections suggest the Northern/Northwestern European conception of "wyrd consciousness" and the Jewish conception of "Jewishness" may both be tied to a very very ancient idea of a special kind of consciousness and developed ability of genetic mediated awareness that is inherited by and activated in the Folk through the mother (female genetic line). The folk consciousness of Northern/Northwestern European "Seidr" and the folk consciousness of "Jewishness" may only be experienced by and come to a man through a female of the Folk.

Thus saith a female of the Clan of the Cave Lioness.


Related Information

The U5b (mitochondrial motherline DNA) haplogroup (my own haplogroup) is considered to be rare in modern populations - all of the reported carriers are of European ancestry and from Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Scotland, the US, and Germany. As professor Matisoo-Smith told Phys.org: “It is remarkably rare in modern populations today, found in Europe at levels of less than one per cent." [Source - 2,500-Year-Old Phoenician DNA Linked to Rare and Ancient European Ancestry]

A very rare breed of cat indeed is the U5b genetic motherline. In terms of my own wyrd consciousness as it relates to my own genetic ancestry, the genetic rarity of U5b (and its geo-ethnic centers of concentration in relatively modern human populations) makes sense too, as I have known and scientifically proven modern English, Irish, German and Scottish genetic ancestry. Given the relative rarity of U5b among modern human populations, this suggests to me that, in terms of evolutionary r/K selection theory, U5b is a very K-selected mtDNA haplogroup. In other words, U5b is a highly skilled quality over quantity predator type as opposed to being a quantity over quality r-selected prey type (mass producing like rabbits) within the animal kingdom. Like WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®, the women of U5b place emphasis on quality over quantity, and excellence over expedience, in our magic and with respect to our own spiritual evolution.

You can count on a daughter of U5b (specifically, from the Clan of the Cave Lioness) to provide you with the highest quality magical tools (deeply empowered with very ancient shamanic goddess consciousness) for use in your own magical arts and quest toward spiritual development.

Remember, not every cat is a witch's familiar and not every witch's familiar is a cat.