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In follow-up to my previous posts regarding my birth witch blood rune, namely Hagall-Ior, in honor of my ancestors of Celtic and Old World Native Britain origins, I also offer up that my birth witch blood rune is the Rune of Avalon, symbolic of the Lady in the Lake and the sword of sacred land sovereignty, Excalibur.

As I wrote earlier, Anglo-Saxon Ior and Scandinavian Hagall are dualities which find synthesis in form. Ior (light-bringer) emerges from Hagall (the dark womb of new beginning), becoming greater than either light or darkness alone, becoming the Axis Mundi (the witch's staff, the maypole, the Irmunsil, Excalibur, Jacob's ladder, the totem pole, the church spire) of consciousness.

This runic synthesis is encoded in the Legend of Avalon. Like Ior, the Lady of the Lake (the Queen of Avalon) is a creature who abides in water, dwelling in the dark mists (like Hagall) of folk memory, and emerging to gather together the Greater Folksoul of her people into a Force Greater than any one of us alone.

Hail the Ancestors! Hail the goddess ancestor the Lady of the Lake! Hail the People of the United Kingdom! Hail the People of Europa!

How far back into time does the mystery of Hagall-Ior go? At least as far back as Paleolithic Europe - Old European Cave Art Symbols

Perfectly an epitome of the dance of Hagall-Ior, the Rune of Avalon: