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I've shared in my article, Inspired Alchemist, my own personality is of the INTJ type (called the 'Mastermind' by Systems Thinker). Given that I've shared this information about myself, I think that it is also appropriate for me to make clear that no personality type is better than any other personality type. Most of us by nature (if we have learned to love ourselves as we rightfully should) will be inclined initially to feel that our own personality type is the best type to be (and this is because our soul is structured around our own natural preferences as they correspond to our soul's particular life mission). Human personality types are a way to begin to understand the structure of psychological soul systems known to characterize humanity - each personality type brings together the ways in which human beings refresh psychological energy (in solitude or by surrounding ourselves with other people), how we tend to perceive information (intuitively or through sensing), how we prefer to make decisions (giving priority to thinking or feeling) and lastly, how we prefer to live life (highly structured or spontaneously). So, you see, no personality type is better than any other, we each simply are different from one another in the manner in which we interact with our environment.

Why is it important to understand the structure of human psychological systems as a spiritual practitioner or as a witch? It is important because both spiritual evolution and shamanic or magical efficacy are grounded in the wise and true understanding of both ourselves and other people. Without this firm foundation, it is very easy to get lost or hurt as one advances in magical or shamanic practice. Learn this particular art of understanding human psychological structures well and the initiation process one encounters at each step in the soul's evolution will be much smoother and less dangerous. Indeed, learn it so well that you can intuit or sense the personality types of other people with masterful accuracy simply by the way they communicate, by the way they present themselves, by the choices they make and by observing other indicators of personal preference - learn this and your magical skill will improve dramatically. Your ability to navigate personal relationships will also benefit immensely.

I read this introductory book to personality types decades ago - it is a classic, well presented and easy to read. Here is an updated version I suggest for those interested in this studious investment in spiritual development and magical or shamanic practice - Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence by David Keirsey.

May your path be blessed, your relationships be magical and your world be enriched. So mote it be!