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Heiðr (from the Old Norse adjective meaning "bright" or the noun meaning "honour") is the seeress and witch (völva) mentioned in the Völuspá, related to the story of the Æsir-Vanir war:

The war I remember, the first in the world,
When the gods with spears had smitten Gollveig,
And in the hall of Hor had burned her,
Three times burned, and three times born,
Oft and again, yet ever she lives.
Heith (Heidr) they named her who sought their home
The wide-seeing witch, in magic wise;
Minds she bewitched that were moved by her magic,
To evil women a joy she was.

Völuspá (21-22), Bellows’ translation

She that remembers, the first on earth,
when Gullveig they with lances pierced,
and in the high one's hall her burnt,
thrice burnt, thrice brought forth,
oft not seldom; yet she still lives.
Heidi (Heidr) they called her, whitherso'er she came,
the well-foreseeing Vala (Völva):
wolves she tamed, magic arts she knew, magic arts practiced;
ever she was the joy of evil people.

Völuspá (21-22), Thorpe's translation

The general assumption is that Heiðr (anglicized Heidr) is an alternate name for the witch Gullveig (where the first element of Gullveig's name, Gull-, means "gold), who, in turn, is often thought to be a hypostasis of Freyja. In Norse mythology, Gullveig is a being who was speared by the Æsir, burnt three times, and yet thrice reborn. Upon her third rebirth, Gullveig's name becomes Heiðr and she is described as a knowledgeable and skillful völva.

Heiðr is also a seeress in several works such as Landnámabók (S 179 / H 45), Hrólfs saga kraka (3) and Örvar-Odds saga.

Heiðr is the Witch-Seeress (the Völva) from whom I inherited the gift of remembrance of my preincarnate journey into incarnate physical existence on earth - thus myself, like Heiðr, am also "she that remembers, the first on earth."

We all have inherited gifts from our ancestors. This is one of mine.

As I have written on my "Meet the Witch" page (and on my personal blogs and websites over the years), I was born with magical awareness and memory of my preincarnate journey into physical existence. I explained this phenomenon in some detail scientifically on my page Archaic Consciousness. On this page, I will offer further explanation and scientific support for the phenomenon of consciousness I report for myself and for my ancestor Heiðr (the Witch-Seeress of ancestral Tradition).

Video - Comparison of Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon and Modern Human Skulls (great ASMR video too!)

A little science on the memory and vision of the Old European Völva ... 

The video above notes the expanded area of the skull (where the temporal lobe joins to the occipital cortex) in Cro-Magnon early modern humans in Europe as compared to modern humans - this is an area of the brain involved in MEMORY and VISION. As I've posted before, my indigenous European genetic U5 motherline and I2 fatherline are directly descended from Cro-Magnon early modern humans. These facts come together to shed more light on the reality of my INCARNATE memories of preincarnate existence as being part of my ancestral heritage. It may be that some of the genes connected to this archaic area of the brain (in the area affecting memory and vision) of my Cro-Magnon ancestors are still active in me (even though my skull shape is similar to other modern humans). Classic Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon skulls share this characteristic which impacts memory and vision - a skull trait not shared by modern humans.

In ancient times there were at least two types of Neanderthals. According to scientists, there were the Classic European Neanderthals and Levantine Middle Eastern Neanderthals. Each of these types of Neanderthals was a bit different from the other. The early modern humans in Europe interbred with Classic European Neanderthals (in Europe) and inherited traits from these European Neanderthals different from the early modern humans who interbred with Levantine Neanderthals in the Middle East. In Europe, the assimilation of Classic European Neanderthal genes into the early modern human genome may have given rise to Cro-Magnon early modern humans. This "hybrid vigor" may have manifested itself in Cro-Magnons in the development of the brain biology necessary for superconscious "downloading" ("uploading" by the body) of the "information" encoding preincarnate conscious experience into the brain of some Cro-Magnon individuals - like the völva of ancestral folklore and like me. It also may have manifested in an explosion of artistic and technological creativity throughout the Cro-Magnon population as evidenced by Cro-Magnon cave art and tool technology. In the Levant, the "hybrid vigor" may have manifested throughout the early modern human population there with the explosion of farming technology.

Old European Moon Goddess Religion

The video above clearly demonstrates European Cro-Magnon early modern humans were a hybrid species - a hybrid of at least early Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. Note the large orbital areas (eye sockets) of the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon skulls as compared to the modern human skull - this is an important feature and clue to the idea that both Neanderthals (especially) and Paleolithic European Cro-Magnon humans were nocturnal creatures (as nocturnal creatures of every species evolve large eyes for night vision and nocturnal hunting), and by extension as it has been suggested by some writers, that Neanderthals are the source of the "Old European" Moon Goddess religion. Indo-European religion is definitely a more sun-centered masculine religion (where the moon is masculine and the sun is feminine), suggesting that early Homo sapiens (before migrating out of Africa) evolved features (eyes, particularly) specifically suited for daytime hunting. Paleolithic Old European witchcraft preserves the Moon Goddess religion of our Neanderthal ancestors.

Significant to my own spirituality, both my genetic motherline and fatherline are Paleolithic Cro-Magnon genetic lineages.

Significant to all modern humans whose ancestors migrated out of Africa, all of us have some level of Neanderthal genetic ancestry.

Additional Insights - Denisovan Influenced Archaic Artistry

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More scientific evidence supporting the metagenetic concept of genetic memory - we can carry the memories of our ancestors and ancestral lines: "Priya Rajasethupathy’s research has been called groundbreaking, compelling and beautifully executed. It’s also memorable. Rajasethupathy, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, investigates how the brain remembers. Her work probes the molecular machinery that governs memories. Her most startling — and controversial — finding: Enduring memories may leave lasting marks on DNA." (Memories Mark DNA)




The Volva's Memory and New Findings in Neuroscience

New scientific findings in neuroscience support the "gift of the Volva" of ancestral tradition (of female witches who possess epic memory).

"After adjusting their data to account for the aforementioned overall gender difference in size, the researchers found several sex-based size differences in subcortical brain structures. For example, the women had more gray matter in the left and right hippocampus (a structure involved in memory), while the men had a larger caudate nucleus (involved in controlling voluntary movements) and larger thalamus."