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Nú era Háva mál, kveðin Háva höllu í
allþörf ýta sonum, óþörf jötna sonum
heill sá er kvað, heill sá er kann
njóti sá er nam, heilir þeirs hlýddu [Havamal 164]

Now the sayings of the High One are uttered in the hall
for the weal of men, for the woe of Jötuns,
Hail, thou who hast spoken! Hail, thou that knowest!
Hail, ye that have hearkened! Use, thou who hast learned! [Havamal 164]

THUSSARAUN (meaning "initiatory test")1 is linked in the Málrúnakenningar1 to an ancient proto-etin (proto-giant) called Fornjótur and to the rune þurisaz (also known as þurs in the Younger Futhark and as þorn in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc).

In Havamal 164, the word óþörf (the "woe" of Jötuns) refers to the release of powerful, potentially baneful, initiatory energy of the THUSSARAUN. Transliteration of the word óþörf into runes is ᚢᚦᛆᚢᚱᚠ (Younger Futhark) and ᚢᚦᚢᚱᚠ (Elder Futhark). Óþörf is transliterated into the runes úr-þorn-gēr-úr-rāð-feoh of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc in the rune graphic below:

Looking at the runes which formulate the whole word (óþörf), the runes úr can be seen as strengthening the þorn. Gēr harvests according to wyrd, worth and hamingja. The last letters rāð-feoh make the strengthened þorn and harvesting gēr both mobile and increased.

The word allþörf (the "weal" of men) refers to the to the release of powerful, potentially blessing, initiatory energy of the THUSSARAUN. Allþörf is transliterated into the runes ᚨᛚᛚᚦᛃᚢᚱᚠ (Elder Futhark), ᚨᛚᛚᚦᚾᚢᚱᚠ (Younger Futhark) and into the runes āc-lagu-lagu-þorn-gēr-úr-rāð-feoh of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc in the rune graphic below:


The rune āc means oak and signifies rooted strength (particularly strength rooted with interwoven ancestral connections and clan hamingja). The doubled fluid lagu rune suggests polar balance with (the potentially fiery arms of) feoh, necessary for blessing.

A powerful but potentially dangerous rune, þorn means thorn. In THUSSARAUN initiation, þorn is the thorn of awakening greater consciousness. THUSSARAUN initiation conjures up preconscious aggressively powerful chaotic forces, both in the being of the initiate and in the cosmos. Consequently, this is a dangerous rune to invoke, but this is the rune which must be successfully controlled and managed for the initiate to enter into the deeper mysteries of the runes, the cosmos and the workings of wyrd. THUSSARAUN initiation profoundly changes one's life unalterably. There is no going back.


1Edred Thorsson, ALU: An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology, page 54