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Hail and welcome to WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®, a one-woman home based shoppe offering genuinely artisan handcrafted candles and ritual magical supplies.

A shoppe where Darkness and Light come together to form a Third Reality greater than either Darkness or Light alone, WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY® offers a large array of premium occult and spiritual witch wares for the seasoned or novice magical mystical practitioner with a discriminating, refined taste for artful elegance. Handcrafted in the tradition of the Old Ways, profoundly lovely, originally designed, carefully formulated for high impact enhancement of your own magickal consciousness, handcrafts at WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY® are individually witch-crafted with focused magical intent, premium quality eco-friendly natural ingredients (ethically wildcrafted when possible), organic and certified organic earth kosher herbs grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, the finest luxury grade resins, natural pigments, and premium grade candle dyes. Formerly a research biochemist, I naturally love experimenting with exotic fragrances, and craft my own custom scent blends using pure essential botanical, quality synthetic (Ambergris, for example), and phthalate-free aromatic oils.

An experienced, seasoned and active practitioner of the magical mystical traditions of my Ancestors for over two decades, original recipes used in the exquisite aromatic blends found at WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY® are from my own personal grimoire.

In this category section you will find all the newest offerings and recently listed magical items. Stay for a spell, step into my world of extraordinary magic, and discover the difference of Artisan Witchcrafts!