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Old world witches who practice witchcraft based in authentic ancestral tradition (including those of us like myself who actively work with genetic memory) diligently strive to couple atypical experiences of consciousness with understanding firmly rooted in scientific knowledge. We know that the evolution of mind is a critical component of positive psycho-spiritual development and soul craft magical mastery. Without evaluating our experiences using reason, it is very easy to get lost in vain imaginings and to lose our way. In the spirit of authentic traditional witchcraft, many pages of this website share some of my own experiences with, thoughtful evaluations of, and research into the real world mechanisms through which genetic memory may work and be expressed at biological and inter-generational levels. I think that genetic memory, in part (especially as I have experienced it), may be a form of X-chromosome and DNA mediated sensory memory.

I have experienced "remembering memory" since before physical conception. My working hypothesis is that this kind of genetic memory (even as it is still within the specific sperm and egg which will provide material instructions for the making of a particular physical body) may be some form of sensory memory (where both the "sensing and perceiving organs" which experience and record stimuli are DNA and its related structures). Unlike typical sensory memory, "genetic sensory memory" may not be the "shortest-term element" of memory, but may rather be the longest, and may even transcend a person's individual life to be transmitted down a family line epigenetically. Additionally, I think that the major "stone tablet" (where decoding of the raw data into consciousness may occur) upon which DNA may "write" its tales of experience (and through which consciousness may "remember") may be the X-chromosome.

Once we figure out how genetic memory works, the next step will be to figure out how to unlock it's awesome potential for those who want access to the ancestral and early memories we each have stored in our DNA and its related structures.

Strong X-Syndrome

Active X-Chromosome

A Tapestry of Information

Bismuth Remembers

Bismuth Substrate is Genoprotective

I'm giddy! I just ordered this book, Smart and SeXy: The Evolutionary Origins and Biological Underpinnings of Cognitive Differences between the Sexes by Roderick Kaine (Red Ice interview with author). Here are some of the super cool sections within the book that I particularly want to read:

Evolution of the X Chromosome
Contribution of the X Chromosome to Brain Function
X Inactivation
Direct Evidence for Brain Related Genes on the X Chromosome

From the book's introduction on Amazon:

"The professor responded that it was a well-established fact in neuroscience that a large and inordinate number of nervous system genes map to the X chromosome. From there everything else fell into place, If the X chromosome possesses a relatively large number of recessive intelligence boosting alleles, as well as recessive intelligence lowering genes, then pseudo-dominance of X in males could easily explain the greater variability in the male intelligence distribution. To my knowledge, no other biological characteristic can explain this pattern."

So, what this means is that, to a large degree, intelligence is genetically inherited (especially boosted or diminished) from one's ancestral mothers (via the X chromosome).