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© Lori Lappin, the Witch of WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®

when facts tell lies and confusion reigns
when knowledge and ignorance with futility dance
when hope is dying and faith is failing
truth remains

when pain is endless and pleasure empty
when will lies heavy like stone and clarity is obscured
when wisdom reeks and reason flees
truth remains

when the heart staggers broken
with shattered strength and love drowns lost in the abyss
truth remains

when darkness reverberates blindly
and eternity is filled with hell
truth remains

when life is crushing and all is torn, when hiding cannot conceal
and wretching waters burn the naked dust
truth remains

when the pause is pregnant like a rock of hate against us
truth remains

when utter darkness burns bright, and my story
through every shattered dream, wrestles with reality
truth remains

when words are worthy, and writing on the wall reveals
as serpents sing and scorpions play the sound of brilliance
truth remains

when awareness, relentless without capitulation, single-minded
and without negotiation, dances with connections weaving through it
truth remains

when convergence ignites, just because I am
and I see, just because I can, when my voice answers me
truth remains


The first six stanzas of this poem were written about 20 years under the the title "Torch". Adding four additional stanzas, I call this 10-stanza poem "Zohar" (Radiance).