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Lids For Luxury Candles

Lids For Luxury Candles

All of my candles - whether paraffin, bayberry, beeswax or luxury Coco Apricot Crème wax - all are packaged with care to protect and preserve your candle, especially the fresh fullness of the scent. Most of my container candles come with lids. My container candles without decorative lids (and all of my candles) have protective packaging over the entire candle to preserve scent. Why do I think that lids for container candles are important, especially when they are available to use?

First, a lid adds a beautiful decorative finishing touch of luxuriousness to the candle.

Second, a lid preserves the scent of the candle when not in use.

Third, a lid protects the beautiful wax from dust when the candle is not in use. 

Fourth, a lid can also be used to elevate the candle while burning, to add a protective layer on the surface of your tabletop or altar.

So, don't throw away that lid to your container candle! Cherish and treasure your candles by protecting them.

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