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I am a witch of the European diaspora. From indigenous Old World European ancestry, and as a daughter of Clan Ursula (U5 maternal lineage) and Clan Woden (I2 paternal lineage), I practice Witchcraft rooted in the folk traditions of my ancestors. My ethnic roots are North & West European (regions around the Atlantic Archipelago British-Irish-Scottish Isles, Germanic Atlantic North Sea, Fennoscandia and France).
I am a witch in the particular Tradition of witchcraft known as Fornekja, by ancestral birthright and through an authentic spiritual inheritance from my Ancestors. Fornekja, which means "ancient one," is an Old World European, Old Germanic, Scandinavian and Icelandic witchcraft. As described in the folklore of my ancestors, Fornekja is a natural type of witchcraft which partakes of a stream continuous conscious identity and memory; this continuity of conscious identity and memory is known in tradition as having "archaic roots in deep time" and is transmitted through one's bloodline ancestors. Fornekja is a witchcraft of essential being and eternal soul craft transcending lifetimes.
Currently self-employed as an artisan entrepreneur, my past scientific and healthcare professional work expertise has included Critical Care Registered Professional Nursing, Clinical Trials Data Management, Quality Improvement Management, Medicare and Medicaid Clinical Reimbursement Analyst, Academic Research Biochemist and Pharmaceutical Research Biochemist. One of my pharmaceutical research projects won a monetary recognition award for contributing a critical novel assay related to the development and testing of a new medicinal drug candidate for use in the treatment of multiple cardiovascular and inflammation mediated conditions.
According to Myers-Briggs typology, I am an INTJ personality. The INTJ type is described in psychological science as "the Mastermind." Representing the archetype of mature hard-earned feminine wisdom, strong-willed independent intellect and objective judgment, the Queen of Swords tarot court card is often associated with the INTJ personality. The suit of Swords can be associated with both Air (Creative Mind) and Fire (Powerful Intellect), depending on the tarot system one prefers.  Personally, I see the suit of Swords as Fire in the imagery of rapidly firing neurons in the brain. The thinking, creating, working brain 'lights up' with the Spirit of Fire.
According to Sloan Big 5 typology, I am an RCOEI (Reserved 80%, Calm 78%, Organized 80%, Egocentric 66%, Inquisitive 90%), Primary Inquisitive personality type. In my life, the respective runes corresponding to these five traits as woven through my particular personality are: Controlled Fire (Kenaz rune), Air (Ihwaz rune), Water (Othala rune), Earth (Nauthiz rune) and Spirit (Ansuz rune).
Thank you for your patronage and business,
"Witchcraft Rooted in the Tradition of Old World Europe"™
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