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Spell Packets

Spell Packets

Master Crafted by Lori, spells from WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY® are empowered with the magic of authentic Old World European ancestral spirit. Called by my ancestors as a Völva before birth, born with continuous consciousness extending beyond this current incarnation, let me share the ancestral shamanic power of an authentic old world spiritual inheritance with you through my intention filled SPIRIT OF MAGIC herb loaded envelope spells.

Lori's "Spirit of Magic" Herb Loaded Envelope Spell Packets are a perfect size to carry in your purse, wallet or pocket, or to burn in your cauldron to cast your intention ritually. Each "Spirit of Magic" envelope spell by WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY® comes in a power-packed 2.75" by 2.75" square paper envelope containing a word spell on parchment and carefully selected herbs, woods, resins, oils and curios chosen to empower each magical intent.

Simply the Finest

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